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With 100% Of Her Liver Damaged, 8-Month-Old Blessy's Life Can Only Be Saved With An Urgent Transplant

“Whenever I try to put her to sleep on the bed, she cries loudly, flapping her arms and kicking her legs up in the air. She wants me to carry her all the time – only this seems to give her some solace. If my hands brush across her hardened tummy by mistake, her cries become more intense. She’s 8 months old, but has not been able to eat solid food as her body cannot digest it. My baby girl is struggling to make it out alive. Every day I can only pray to Jesus to save her life. ”-Stella Priyadarshini, mother.

Baby Blessy’s symptoms appeared late, putting her life in danger at just 2 months of age

When Blessy was born in January this year, she did not suffer from major health issues apart from slight jaundice that went away after a few days. Her parents, Subash and Stella were happy to welcome another sweet angel to their family, after daughters Venila ,age 6 and Cynthia, age 4. They hadn’t even cuddled her enough when she started falling sick very often when she turned 2 months old. Her jaundice returned with full force and Stella saw blood in her baby's diaper. On taking her to the doctor, her parents were shocked to learn that she had biliary atresia, a condition where the ducts responsible for draining bile into the body are completely absent.

Blessy is severely underweight as she can ingest only small quantities of formula milk, and has not met any developmental milestones for babies her age – like sitting up on her own or crawling.  A liver transplant is the only way Baby Blessy can survive. With every passing day, Stella can only pray to God that she can save her baby before it is too late.

She has had to wear diapers 24/7 since the day she was diagnosed as she passes blood with stools throughout the day. She gets very uncomfortable and tries to tear them away with the little energy she has left.. After all the struggles that she goes through in the morning, she does not even get to sleep a wink at night due to her never-ending tummy pain. All I can do is hold her tight and sing her hymns, but even that is not helping her.”-Stella.

Despite her poor health, Stella is ready to go to any extent to ease her baby girl's pain

Stella had given birth to Blessy via C-section and it was a complicated delivery. She had to stay in the hospital for weeks altogether after it. It has been 8 months, but Stella has not been able to return to her active, healthy self yet. She has to rely on her husband and parents to take care of her two elder children while she focuses all her energy on her little one, Blessy, who is fighting a bigger battle than herself.
“Sometimes my whole body aches when I hold Blessy – but that doesn’t bother me as much as the thought of losing her does. Whenever my mother tries to take her away for a while, Blessy points to me and cries inconsolably. My baby is sick and she needs me, so I forget my own pain for the sake of lessening hers.”-Stella

Despite compromising on their basic needs, Blessy’s family cannot afford to save her

Baby Blessy’s father, Subash, works in a small private company and earns very little income, which is just enough to meet the basic needs of his five-member family. The couple don't own any land or property and is completely dependent on the in-hand salary Subash receives every month. They have spent over Rs 10 lakhs on Blessy’s treatment till now after begging and borrowing from everyone and despite trying to save every rupee, they are not in a position to save their baby girl.

“We have been postponing the transplant for months now as we have not been able to arrange the huge amount needed for Blessy’s liver transplant. But the doctors have clearly told us that she will not survive for more than a few days  more days now without it.”-Stella.

How you can help

Baby Blessy’s liver is completely damaged due to a severe liver disease. Her parents are struggling to arrange money for a liver transplant – the only curative option in her case. Without it, she will not be around to celebrate her first birthday which is a few months away.

Your kind contribution can help save this baby girl from death

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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