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4-Month-Old Suffering From Deadly Lung Infection Needs Help For Urgent Treatment

“My baby boy is battling a dangerous infection that may take his life soon. He throws up all the milk that he drinks, and it has choked his little lungs too. When Bhagat, with his tiny body covered in tubes, looks at us with those big innocent eyes, I feel guilt take over me. I feel that he is asking me “Papa will you take me home?” I will not forgive myself if something happens to him.”-Srihari Vinay Kumar, father.

Baby Bhagath Kumar started vomiting continuously barely a week after his birth

When Baby Bhagath was born without any known birth complications, his parents Srihari and Revathi were relieved. Revathi had a miscarriage previously at 10 months of pregnancy, and she was looking forward to finally enjoy motherhood. But before her happiness could fully sink in, her baby got really sick.

“One day, he threw up immediately after drinking milk. I thought that it was because I had breastfed him in a different position. But it kept happening throughout the day. His lips started becoming chapped because he was getting dehydrated from not putting liquids down. I could not understand what had happened to him; he was perfectly fine the day before.”-Revathi, mother.

Srihari and Revathi took Bhagath to different clinics, but nothing could help him

Baby Bhagat’s condition worsened within no time. He could not even drink a mouthful of milk without vomiting it soon after. He had become weak and even his cries of hunger had become feeble due to this. His parents rushed him to the nearest hospital in their hometown of Meerpet in Hyderabad.

“The doctors told us that nothing could be done, and that we had to take him to a better hospital elsewhere. I knew I couldn’t afford treatment in big hospitals, so we took him from clinic to clinic for help. But he just seemed to get worse.”-Srihari.

Over time, vomiting was accompanied by loose motions, making the baby extremely weak

“As if vomiting was not enough to make my baby extremely underweight and frail, he also started getting diarrhea. No medicine could help him. He was barely alive – all his vigour had been sucked out of him because of dehydration from starvation. Even we stopped eating gradually because we could not bear to see our little boy suffer like this.”-Revathi.

Baby Bhagat was then diagnosed with a serious disease that even led to recurrent pneumonia

Srihari, a poor painter, had to borrow money just to take his baby to a good hospital in Hyderabad. It was there that the baby was diagnosed with severe gastroesophageal reflux and food allergy. This was causing milk and acid in his stomach to go back up to his food pipe and mouth, thereby triggering vomiting. He was also found to be suffering from pneumonia (lung infection) as a result of milk being regurgitated in the lungs and windpipe.

“As soon as we reached the hospital, Bhagat had to be rushed to the ICU. He was so irritable and breathing had become very difficult because of the lung infection. We were not sure about his survival.”-Srihari.

Now, Srihari is jobless and struggling to afford ICU charges

Srihari has not been able to go back to work after his baby’s condition became critical. He has been guarding the ICU doors to catch one glimpse of his son who is shrouded by medical equipment from head to toe. Revathi had not recovered from her C-section delivery yet, and now has lost her mental peace as well. She is forced to stay in the waiting room of the hospital as they cannot afford a room in the hospital.

“We cannot afford to pay for our son’s treatment, how will we take a room? For us, the most important thing is saving our son. We can bear anything for it. But right now, our hopes are fading. We need a helping hand.”-Srihari.

These parents are struggling to save their baby despite giving up on food and a comfortable place to sleep in the hospital

How you can help

 Baby Bhagat will live only if his parents can keep him in the ICU for a few more weeks till his condition stabilizes. But Srihari and Revathi have exhausted all their resources and have knocked on every door, without avail. Their son’s beautiful face is haunting them and does not let them get a moment’s rest. Without urgent help, they will lose yet another baby.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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