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Born After 8 Years Of Marriage, Swapna's Baby Is Struggling For His Life In The NICU

“Just 4 days after he was born, we had to rush him to the hospital. He was crying all the time and began to lose weight rapidly.”
Ravi and Swapna were overjoyed with the arrival of their baby boy. But their happiness was shortlived. 4 days after the delivery, their baby got a high fever and started seizing. Scared of their newborn's condition, they rushed him to a doctor. Upon running the tests, he was diagnosed with a range of birth defects and diseases that needed immediate NICU attention.

After a long wait, they had a baby but the joy soon turned to fear of losing him

Ravi and Swapna have been married for 8 years. After going through various rounds of treatments, they finally had a baby and they were very happy to welcome their bundle of joy. But even before they could name their child, he had to be admitted to the hospital, where he's battling for his life. After 8 years of longing for a child, their hopes were shattered again after his diagnosis. Now their baby suffers in the NICU, while the parents can do nothing but feel helpless.

Their newborn son started losing weight rapidly since he fell sick. Now he barely has the strength to even breathe without assistance. This struggle to stay alive is the worst thing that can happen to a baby who has just been born. He has many health complications that can only be treated with through intensive care.  

No parent should have to go through the pain Ravi and Swapna are experiencing

“There are so many tubes connected to our baby, it breaks our heart to see him in this state.”
Their little boy has not known life beyond hospitals. When all he should be doing is cooing in her mother’s lap, this little boy has to suffer indescribable pain. His condition is so fragile that he needs intensive medical attention and NICU care in order to survive.

Before Swapna could recover from the delivery, she was spending all her time at the hospital, worrying about the life of her young one. Ravi and Swapna can only pray for their child to recover and come back to them healthy. They’re willing to leave no stone unturned until their baby’s life is out of danger.  

Ravi's can't afford this expensive treatment, but saying no means losing their only child

“From where will we get the money? If we had any property we would gladly sell it for the sake of our only son, but we don’t have any and the hospitals bills are rising every day!”
Ravi works as a machine operator in a small private firm in Hyderabad. The salary he receives from there is barely enough to keep the household expenses afloat. Paying for his son’s treatment from his pocket is an impossible task for him. His wife, Swapna used to learn tailoring and make a little additional income on the side before she got pregnant. Working is not an option anymore for her since she has to take care of her baby. Moreover, she’s also still recovering from the delivery and her body doesn’t have the strength needed to start working again.

How you can help

So far, in order to meet the hospital expenses, Ravi and Swapna have borrowed money from their relatives and friends. But their sources have now exhausted and they’re back to figuring out the hospital expenses for their baby, while he recovers.

Their poverty should not turn their parenting experience into a bitter one. Their newborn child deserves a fair chance at life and your help will go a long way in ensuring that happens.

Your contribution can save this baby’s life.

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