As Their Cradle Lies Empty At Home, These Premature Twins Fight For Their Lives In The NICU | Milaap
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As Their Cradle Lies Empty At Home, These Premature Twins Fight For Their Lives In The NICU

"It has been 23 days since my twins were born and I have not held them even once in my arms. All I can do is slowly rub their heads with my fingers. I'm waiting for that moment when I can hold them without the fear of hurting them. They are fighting multiple illnesses, one after another. When one of them makes a little progress, the other one develops a new complication." - Jaynathi, mother

"My wife and twins' life were in danger" 

Jayanthi and her husband Veeramani felt elated when she became pregnant after 4 years of marriage. They invited everyone they knew for their baby shower.  Jayanthi did not miss any of the tests, she never missed any of her vitamin and iron tablets. During the 7th month, the doctors said she needs to take complete rest and drink plenty of water, as she had a high risk pregnancy and needed to take precautions against miscarriage or premature birth. Despite following instructions religiously, Jayanthi went into preterm labor.

Jayanthi and her husband Veeramani at their baby shower function

"When my wife was taken to operation theater, I had only one thought in my mind that I should see my wife and babies alive. Doctors said her condition was critical. As soon as my baby boys were born, they were taken to another hospital in ambulance with the ventilator support." - Veeramani. 

The twins' cradle lies empty at home

It took 10 days for Jayanthi to get her stitches removed and the day she was discharged she went straight to the hospital where her twins were admitted. She stood shocked looking at them, their tiny bodies were covered with tubes everywhere and they were struggling to breathe. Just the previous day, their first twin was removed from ventilator support but even before she could feel slightly relieved, she had another devastating news waiting for her - their second twin developed a swelling in his brain because of fluid accumulation. The twins need 6 more weeks of hospital stay to recover completely.

" I feel I have failed them. I come to hospital early morning and leave at night. When I close my eyes, I can only picture my babies, fighting in the NICU. My friends gifted us a cradle for the twins at my baby shower. For so many days I was imagining my twins lying in the cradle and as I rocked it but now it is just empty." - Jayanthi.

The little warriors need your help to go back home

Jayanthi and Veeramani's twins have fought bravely till now. They can recover completely if the treatment is continued for 6 more weeks. Unfortunately Veeramani has nothing left with him. He is a machine operator in a private company and earns Rs 10,000 per month. He worked day and night and saved every rupee for his twins. Little did he know that he had to spend everything to save their lives. He sold Jayanthi's jewels and borrowed money from his friends. He has spent 2 lakh so far only on medicines.

"My wife has only been crying and hardly eats. I can't imagine going home with empty hands. Crowdfunding is my last hope, please help me save my twins." - Veeramani

We can together save twins of Jayanthi

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  The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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