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Premature-born Baby Who Is Smaller Than A Coca-Cola Bottle Needs The ICU To Survive

4 days from completing her 6th month of pregnancy, Dipali’s water broke. She had just returned from the hospital after a scan. Everything was fine until that moment. As she rushed back to the hospital with husband Pradyut, she discovered that they had to deliver the baby immediately. There was only one question on Pradyut’s mind – would his wife and baby survive?

The baby is smaller than a Coca-Cola Bottle!

In an emergency C-section, Dipali delivered a baby girl. She weighed just 730 grams. She had no fat to regulate her body heat. Her body, under-developed was too fragile to make it outside the womb, Her lungs were not ready to breathe. This was an early baby, who started gasping for breath like a fish out of a pond.

“I barely saw her as they brought her out of the OT. Wrapped in those towels, she was so tiny, smaller than a Coca-cola bottle. They took her directly to the NICU. As I stood there, she was hooked to so many wires and the ventilator. I never got to hold her. I still haven’t held her.” – Pradyut

Dipali, Pradyut and their son Kushal

Pradyut is taking care of his wife, son and newborn daughter with no support

Pradyut has no support system in Mumbai. He moved there with his wife and 12-year-old son, Kushal, from a small village near Kolkata. They hoped a job in the city would help raise their child. Pradyut works at a small jewellery store. The rest of the family is back in the village. They cannot afford to travel to Mumbai.

“I start my day by cooking for my wife and son. I drop Kushal at school and Dipali at the hospital. I check our daughter. Then I head off to work. On the way back, I pick up my son, go to the hospital for Dipali, go back home and then cook again.” - Pradyut

Help them bring their baby girl home

Dipali has not yet recovered from C-section. She needs rest but begs to go to the hospital to be by her daughter’s side. She is depressed and frustrated unable to hold her baby girl.
 “Our daughter needs to be in the NICU for a few weeks. We spent everything I had saved for the delivery and even Kushal’s school fee. We sold our jewellery. We even took a loan from a money lender. All that is gone. Now I need Rs. 12 lakhs more to finish this treatment and bring my daughter home.” - Pradyut

Your support will save Dipali and Pradyut’s 13-day-old baby girl

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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