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2-Year-Old Who Underwent High-Risk Surgery For Liver Tumour Needs Urgent Help

“Last year when my baby girl turned 1, I made sure that I invite a few people to celebrate her birthday. In just a year, everything changed for her. For her second birthday, I couldn’t even look at her and smile. She had a high-risk surgery a few days ago and  was in ICU fighting for her life. It’s so painful to see my baby suffering so much at such a young age,”- Shabnam, 2-year-old Anaya’s mother.

Yusuf and Shabnam were living a happy life with their two children- 2-year-old Anaya and 4-year-old Arkaan with whatever little they had. Yusuf repairs cars in Delhi and earns Rs.8,000 a month. The young parents’ dreams revolved around their kids. Their happiness started crumbling down a month ago when Anaya started having a very high fever. Soon she developed severe stomach pain. She was in so much pain that Shabnam couldn’t even put her baby to sleep.

Without the high-risk surgery, Anaya's liver tumour would have ruptured

Shabnam and Yusuf became very scared when her stomach became swollen. When her parents took her for an ultrasound, the doctors told her that there is a tumor in her liver. The tumor was badly infected and could have ruptured any moment. Doctors performed a high-risk surgery to save her life. After the surgery, she has a tube fit from her liver to drain the liver secretions. Without intensive care and surgery, Ananya will not survive for long.

“Yusuf and I take turns in the hospital to carry her. But if we carry her on the lap for long, the pipe inserted can hurt her even more. If we put her on the bed she starts cries uncontrollably. She has difficulty eating too"- Shabnam

Anaya’s little brother doesn't know why his baby sister can't play with him

Anaya’s elder brother Arkaan wants to play with his little sister. Even when she is at the hospital, he innocently calls her to play not knowing that his baby sister might even lose her life. Little Arkaan keeps asking his parents when his sister will play with her. They have to make up stories every time to at least keep their son’s smile intact.

With a lot of debt on his shoulders, Yusuf can’t afford to save his daughter from this deadly disease

Within a month, Shabnam and Yusuf’s entire life fell apart. The bills of the hospital have been piling up. Despite borrowing from his relatives, Yusuf can’t manage to pay any more to save his daughter. He was never in a position to save anything. He has already borrowed Rs 1 lakh and his poor relatives also can't afford to help him any longer. He can’t even go to work now. Arranging another Rs 4.6 lakhs is impossible for him now.

How you can help

2-year-old Anaya needs intensive care and a surgery but her poor parents have no money to continue her treatment. With our help, this little girl's life can be saved.

Your support will save this little girl

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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