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Her Cries Will Be The Last Sound She Makes, If She Does Not Get A Liver Transplant Soon

Nobody is allowed inside Soni’s home except herself, her husband, Mukesh, their 7-month-old baby, Amrutha. Confined to the walls of their tiny house, baby Amrutha either clings to her mother or sits on her father’s lap. Their friends and family are displeased and say these measures are unnecessary and abnormal. They do not understand, that this effort, however extreme, can save their daughter’s life.

There are no more options left, Amrutha needs a liver transplant

Amrutha was just 3 months old when she was diagnosed with infant jaundice by a local doctor. Many weeks later, instead of getting better, her eyes and body turned scary yellow. Mukesh was forced to take her to a hospital he could not afford, only to hear that she has chronic liver disease.

“My baby was not even old enough to sit, and her liver is dying. I kept asking the doctor how this could happen. He told us she was born with a defect because of which her liver kept accumulating toxins. Now, her situation is so bad that she needs a new liver.

Ignorance and negligence will now cost this baby her life 

Amrutha has biliary atresia. The bile duct in her liver is blocked or absent. If diagnosed before she was 3 months old, a small surgery could have corrected the issue. Left untreated until recently, Amrutha’s liver deteriorated.

“If we had known to check for this at birth, we would have. If we had seen any signs or a doctor had tested, her life would not be at stake.”

Amrutha is always hungry and never full

Amrutha cannot even sit without help due to weakness. She has a bloated tummy that feels painfully heavy. She cries all day and night, unable to sleep comfortably. All she can eat now is khichidi and dal soup.

“My daughter keeps asking for more food. When she vomits it all out in minutes, we understand where that hunger comes from.

Mukesh worries that he will never be able to hear her laugh again

Mukesh is a construction worker who is forced to work overtime every day to make at least Rs. 2000/week for Amrutha’s treatment. It goes towards hospital charges, medicines, removing fluid from her bloated belly and even their food. He just learned that Amrutha’s liver transplant will cost the family Rs. 18 lakhs. 

“The math doesn't add up. I will never be able to earn that much in such a short time. We can give our liver, but we have no money for that surgery or tests to confirm donor. hug her so tight every night, afraid that it will be the last time.
Amrutha’s cries are getting louder every day. Your support can relieve her pain.

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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