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1-Year-Old Who Cries In Pain All Day Will Die Of Cancer Without Urgent Treatment

He cries for hours together because of the pain. Nothing we do makes him feel better. I try to sing to him, I carry him outside, but nothing works. Every time he gets an injection, he gets so exhausted with all his crying that he just sleeps on my lap, unable to move. He was such a happy, playful baby before cancer. As shocked as we were about his cancer, we wasted no time in starting his treatment, but now we’ve exhausted everything we had. Without treatment, we will lose our Ayaan forever.

Baby Ayaan just took his first steps a few months ago. Sadaiah and Ramadevi’s small home was filled with his happy giggles as he walked around the house, sometimes falling and sometimes stumbling. But now, Ayaan can’t even sit up without support. His parents carry him everywhere. His loud, painful cries have replaced his sweet smile because of blood cancer. Sadaiah and Ramadevi are distraught at the thought of losing their only child.

A mere fever turned out to be a life-threatening disease 

When Ramadevi took baby Ayaan to the doctor for a fever, she was told that it’ll subside in two days and she had nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, his fever proved to be relentless. Ayaan was restless, weak and extremely quiet for days.

“I was so worried when the fever didn’t reduce, but I never imagined that it would turn out to be cancer. As we waited for the doctors to give us the results of his blood test, I worried that it was something I did wrong. Ayaan is our first baby, and every day we’re learning new things as parents. ‘Maybe I didn’t feed him on time, and he’s weak because of that?’ I thought to myself constantly. When they told us it was cancer, we were shocked. Since then, every day we worry that we will lose him.

Sadaiah’s salary as a school teacher isn’t enough to continue their baby’s life-saving treatment

Sadaiah works as a teacher in a school in Hyderabad. Every day he would eagerly wait to go home in the evening and play with his baby. Now Sadaiah goes straight to the hospital after work to see Ayaan when he’s getting treated. On some days, his baby is so sick that he can’t even go to work. Sadaiah earns 15,000 per month and has managed to spend 2 lakhs on his baby’s treatment by using his savings. But they’ve now exhausted everything they had.

“Whenever possible, we both take him to the hospital to stay with him while he gets chemotherapy. Sometimes he falls asleep, at other times he’s too tired to even cry. We managed to get him treated for a month, but we can’t continue his treatment now. We even sold our bike to get a little money. We have to think twice about every single rupee we spend now. We will never be able to afford 9 lakhs for his treatment.

How You Can Help

Baby Ayaan started chemotherapy immediately after the diagnosis.  However, he still needs aggressive chemotherapy for the next 6 months to survive cancer. He’s only 1.6 years old, and his days are filled with nothing but pain. Baby Ayaan has his entire life ahead of him, but without treatment, he faces death. Sadaiah and Ramadevi have little left to save their only child and are desperately looking for help.

Your support will save baby Ayaan’s life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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