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Cancer Already Took Away Her Husband, Now She Fights Alone To Save Her Son From The Same Disease

As Bani looks at the gap-toothed smile of her little son Anurag, only one thing goes on her mind - she doesn’t want to lose him to the same deadly disease that took away her husband about 7 years ago. Since her husband’s death, life has been downhill for both Anurag and Bani but they were happy in their own little world. Bani and Anurag have been living with her parents since then. However, the unpredictable future took a toll on them and little Anurag is now battling with cancer. He needs chemotherapy but Bani fears that without help she wouldn’t be able to save her 7-year-old son.

Cancer stealthily crept into Anurag’s life 

It was the month of September and little Anurag was excited about the Durga Pujas. He had already started making plans for the festival without having an inkling that very soon he would be in the clutches of cancer.
“It was the first week of September and one night, while I was just about to go to sleep I could hear Anurag screaming in pain from his room. I rushed to his room to find him in tears. He said his legs were paining so much that he couldn’t lie down. Standing up gave him some respite. The entire night I stayed up with him, trying to make him sit on my lap and put him to sleep but nothing reduced his pain. The very next morning, we took him to a local doctor who said that this was serious and needed immediate attention. On his advice, we went to Chennai.” - Bani, mother. 

An old pic of Anurag with his mother and grandfather

It was in Chennai that Bani got to know of the cancerous tumor in her boy’s spinal cord

“I couldn’t believe what the doctors had just told me - the same disease that took away my husband is now here to ruin my son’s life. I knew I wouldn’t let him suffer alone. I promised myself to be with him all along as he fought back the disease.”

Anurag has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his spinal cord. It was because of this that he was unable to walk completely and suffered from an excruciating pain. The tumour had also taken away Anurag’s control over his bladder and bowel function. It was a painful sight as the little boy cried out in agony, unable to control even the basic functions of his body.

The little boy enjoying outside Victoria Memorial during his last Kolkata visit

Anurag’s only respite during the painful chemo sessions are the memories of his favourite Kolkata trip

Little Anurag has undergone a surgery that has removed the entire tumour. But he is still under regular chemotherapy and radiations. To get well completely, he needs to continue with the chemotherapy for almost a year.

“Anurag misses home very much. He keeps telling his grandfather and me that he wants to go back to Agartala. He talks fondly of the time when we made a trip to Kolkata; he says he wants to have the panipuris outside the Victoria Memorial again. I smile at him and tell that very soon he shall do all of that. This year we celebrated his birthday in the hospital itself, my only prayer to God is that he can celebrate his next one among his family and friends, back home.

Anurag celebrating his birthday in the hospital

A single mother, Bani is struggling very hard to continue her son’s treatment

Bani has been looking for a job for a long time now but nothing has worked out. She is completely dependent on her old father for Anurag’s treatment. Since September, they have been staying in a guest house near the hospital and have already spent about Rs 5 lakhs on the surgery and medications. Anurag needs another year of chemotherapy which would cost them around Rs 10 lakhs. Without help, it would be impossible for her to afford Anurag’s treatment.

How you can help

7-year-old Anurag wants to grow up to be a doctor who would miraculously cure people of cancer. He tells Bani, ‘I am a fighter Maa, I won’t lose this battle like Baba. I won’t leave you alone.’ Bani smiles at him teary-eyed but in her heart, she is scared that she won’t be able to afford the treatment. Your generous contribution can help Anurag fight cancer and give him the chance to become a doctor one day.

Let us help little Anurag get better soon

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.  

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