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6-Year-Old Who Bleeds Every Day Is Getting Closer To Death Without A Transplant

“They cannot fix the hole in her heart. Her body cannot make up for the blood she will lose during surgery.” – Nilesh
Amaya is living on borrowed time and she is just 6 years old. She was diagnosed with two dangerous disorders. Either can take her life if gone untreated. Her parents, however, are unable to afford even admission charges at the hospital.

She cannot live with the hole in the heart, but she cannot have the surgery either

When she was 4, we went to Nasik for heart surgery. At birth, we were told to wait a few years. Everything was scheduled. We had even arranged the money. The day before her surgery, she had a few blood tests. We thank god for those tests. She could have died during surgery.” - Nilesh

Amaya also has Fanconi’s anemia. Her body has stopped producing blood altogether. The condition itself causes fatigue, breathlessness, and high fever – symptoms that are like that of her heart condition. Her second diagnosis means that she does not have long to get treatment.

Every day she bleeds, she is closer to losing her life

Since she was 4, Amaya has been getting blood transfusions every two weeks. Over time, her condition only deteriorated. She is bleeding from her nose, gums and ear. Neelam and Nilesh are unable to keep the fevers and bleeds at bay. Her heart cannot compensate for her growing body. Her development also means she needs more energy and oxygen from blood. The transfusions do not suffice anymore. Furthermore, she is at great risk of contracting an infection.

“She is so weak that she can’t even walk two steps without gasping for breath. She is only 17 kgs and it looks like in the last one week, she has lost 3kgs. We took her for the transfusion but her weakness is not going away as soon as she gets blood. It used to work before. Now it looks like she is just surviving.” - Neelam

With your help, Amaya can live a normal life 

Every month, a large portion of Nilesh’s salary of Rs 5000 is spent on fresh fruits and vegetables, iron tablets for his daughter. He hasn’t missed a single transfusion hoping someday it can cure her. Unfortunately, what Amaya needs is a bone marrow transplant. All the money he had saved for the heart surgery went towards her treatment.
“I must have spent more than 3 lakhs. Amaya isn’t getting any better. Now I cannot pay for admission or bone marrow transplant or even her heart surgery. The doctors have told that the post-transplant care is very critical - with no money in my hands, how will I save my daughter?”

Amaya wants to grow up to be a doctor. With your help, she can get cured and live her dreams. 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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