Deadly Disease Leaves 11-year-old With Facial Rashes And Damaged Kidneys, Needs Immediate Help For Treatment | Milaap
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Deadly Disease Leaves 11-year-old With Facial Rashes And Damaged Kidneys, Needs Immediate Help For Treatment

“Of my three children, Akshaya is the smartest, happiest one. But now, she needs to undergo painful biopsies because the disease she has affects her whole body. When she looks at the marks on her face, she cries, asking me why this happened to her.” – Chandana, Akshaya's mother
Akshaya has stage 4 lupus – a severe condition where her body's immune system attacks itself. She has anemia, her kidneys are damaged and her face is swollen and full of rashes. It is a disease with multiple complications. Her father is a salesman in a rice shop in Hyderabad and is struggling to keep her treatment going.

Akshaya has been sick for months and her condition is now critical

It started during the summer vacations, two months back. Akshaya woke up with her eyes red and swollen. Her horrified parents rushed her to the nearest hospital. She was admitted for weeks, but the swelling wasn't going away. Two weeks back, along with the swelling, her skin developed angry rashes. They brought her to a bigger better hospital.

“There are multiple things wrong in her body and the doctors say her kidneys are damaged and swollen. If she doesn't get treatment, other parts in her body will be damaged too. Once, looking at her, even the doctor had tears in his eyes. As her parents, our hearts are in pain.” – Chandana

Akshaya before her illness

To survive Akshaya needs to be in the hospital for 10-15 days

With her own body attacking her, Akshaya needs right drugs and close monitoring of her condition to return to normal. The disease is at an advanced stage and treatment is crucial. Her parents handled treatment for two months but now, when a cure is finally in sight, they are unable to pay for it. 

“My husband and I, we both can't see her like this. The doctor says this is a big disease and that her life is in danger without that. We can see that she is in a lot of pain. We want to do everything we can to save our little girl. But after two months, we just don't have anyone to ask for help any longer.” – Chandana

How you can help

Chandana and her husband Srinivas have been running from pillar to post the last two months trying to find some relief for their daughter. She needs critical care for 10 more days at least. Akshaya parents are desperate to save her but cannot do so without your help.

Your contribution will save this child from a terrible fate.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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