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Mother With Breast Cancer Refuses Treatment To Save For Children's School Fees

Mother of two, 38-year-old Sunitha is a breast cancer patient. She managed to work even during her chemotherapy treatment to support her family but now she is unable to. She is ready to put her life at risk in order to manage her children's school fees.

We shouldn't have ignored those initial signs

Last year, Sunitha observed small lumps in her breast. Initially, she thought it was more of a hormonal growth and ignored the initial symptoms. In July last year, the lump in her left breast grew big and started causing her immense pain. The couple then decided to visit a gynecologist for diagnosis.

The doctor identified the tumor of a size of 2.5 cm and suggested the tumor had turned cancerous and would require an immediate surgery.

There is no history of cancer in her family

Both Padmanabhan and Sunitha did not believe the initial diagnosis and contacted specialists from the other hospitals. They went ahead and took a second opinion from doctors in various hospitals. They were heartbroken to learn about diagnosis at the hospitals.

"We have two young growing children, I could not afford to be terminally ill. How would my kids manage" - Sunitha
She was not keen on treatment. But she had to give in to the wish of her family to undergo the urgent surgery the doctors suggested. The family had to swiftly admit her to Shankara Cancer Hospital to undergo the treatment. Even before the actual treatment, the family had already spent 2.5 lakhs on various medical tests.

Over the course of next 5 months, Sunitha underwent 4 painful courses of radiation and 3 cycles of chemotherapy. The family had already exhausted 5 Lakhs on her treatment.

"I have a monthly salary of 31 K in that salary I and my ailing wife have to manage house hold expenses, school and tuition fee for our children, manage rent and also need to save enough so that she may undergo 11 more pending cycles of chemo and radio therapy. Arranging money has become extremely difficult for us. My wife has already made a decision to not to continue her treatment and leave everything on fate and God."

Sunitha did not want to continue treatment in order to save money for kids' education

Even when Sunitha was undergoing her chemotherapy, she used to work as a freelancer medical representative to reduce the financial burden of the family. However, she could not work long hours because of the side effects of the drug and grueling chemotherapy sessions.

Most of the funds were arranged with the help of friends and relatives. Now it is difficult for Padmanabhan to even go back and seek help from them again.  Sunitha is just thinking about her children. She is scared they will suffer because of her expensive treatment. At one point, she even refused treatment, trying to save for her children's future.

How you can help

Sunitha still needs to undergo 11 cycles of injections to get completely cured of fatal cancer. She is putting her children before her cure for treatment. The family needs another 10 lakhs- 8 lakhs for the injections and 2 lakhs for the medication. Your support is the only way to help Sunitha survive.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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