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Sundarambal is more than happy with her investment in sanitation

Sundarambal was busy feeding her four year old girl when I met her at her house in Velakanatham, a village some 50 kilometers from Tiruchirappalli. She leads a Joint Liability Group consisting of two members, formed by GUARDIAN, Milaap's partner, for the purpose of building toilets in their homes. They've each availed a loan of Rs.10,000. Sundarambal and her husband work at daily wage laborers. They have three girls; the oldest one is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Arts, while other two are in high school and attend the local Government school. They have a monthly income of Rs.5,000 on average. Before building a toilet, the family used to go to the closest open field to defecate. This made life quite difficult for them, especially for all the women in the house. They couldn't visit the field at night alone or be comfortable during their menstrual cycles. Sundarambal decided to put an end to the misery of her family by availing a loan so she could provide them with private access to a functional sanitation facility. The entire family has benefited from this timely initiative of hers. They are happy about leading a healthy life.