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This 40-year-old Mother Is Struggling To Save Her Miracle Baby Girl Born After 25 Years Of Marriage

“God decided to give us children in our forties. We know how precious they are and we will do everything we can to save her,” says Ramaiah the baby's father.

One month back, Ramaiah and Sujatha had a baby girl. Unfortunately, she fell very sick soon after birth and needed to be hospitalised. Unable to even pay for a room, Ramaiah and Sujatha need to leave the baby in the hospital and visit only once in two days. Having lived without children for the first 22 years of their marriage, their baby is precious to them and the parents are willing to do anything to save their daughter.

Ramaiah and Sujatha with the baby in Chennai

Every day, Sujatha asks to see her newborn baby – but she sees her only thrice a week

After 22 years of waiting, when they had given up hope, Ramaiah and Sujatha had a son three years back. When they learned that they would have another child – they felt especially blessed by God. But the circumstances of their daughter's birth turned out to be very different.

Sujatha had an emergency c-section on November 9, 2017, because of complications in her pregnancy. Soon after she was born, Sujatha's baby needed ventilator support. Her father Ramaiah decided to take her to Chennai from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. He had heard that the treatment there was better and they could save his little girl.

Ramaiah's village Udayagiri is 260 kms from Chennai. He is an attender in Kampasamudram village about 30kms from his village. Even at the lowest payscale – it is not a job he can't let go of. Ramaiah's circumstances have forced him to make a terrible choice.

Ramaiah or his wife can't stay with their baby. “Every day, my wife asks to visit the baby. But we go only three times a week. My wife can't sleep on the hospital floor – she has not recovered from childbirth yet. And we don't have the money to get a room. So we have to first leave my son in my sister's village and then go see our daughter in Chennai,” Ramaiah says.  

Ramaiah often has to visit the baby on his own because his wife is still recovering from childbirth

Ramaiah is stuck in an impossible situation

Not only is Ramaiah the sole earning member, but also the only one to care for his elderly, paralysed mother, his wife recovering from childbirth, his newborn baby fighting pneumonia, and his 3-year-old son – Shrikesh. At 46, it is very difficult for him to manage all this on his own.

“We went to so many doctors when we were young – trying to have a child. Now that we finally have children, we know how painful it is to see your child struggle. The baby is just a month old and she is fighting for every breathe. Why has God put so many difficulties in her path so soon?” says Ramaiah, his voice breaking with helplessness.  

The doctors also suspect that the baby has a heart disease and needs an operation. But before any thing else, she needs to beat her terrible pneumonia infection. Ramaiah has borrowed Rs 3 lakhs from friends and family to treat her in the last one month. He has nothing left to continue her treatment.

How you can help 

Ramaiah and Sujatha finally have what they longed for for years – two beautiful children. They have borrowed from every one they know to save their daughter. Ramaiah's mother, wife and child are depending on him to get them through this difficult time.

Contribute to help Ramaiah save his baby – he could really use some support.

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