10-Year-Old Laughs At His Big Belly Unaware That He'll Lose His Life To Liver Disease | Milaap
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10-Year-Old Laughs At His Big Belly Unaware That He'll Lose His Life To Liver Disease

"My 3 other children are healthy, only Sudeep has been sick since he was 2-years-old but he is the happiest of them all. He can't go to school or go out anywhere without me but it did not dampen his spirit. He is always cheerful and his sisters and brother laugh at his jokes all the day. He is happy, unaware that his growing belly is a sign of liver failure and he'll lose his life without a transplant,"- Shanta Kumar, Father.

We thought medicines would cure him one day

Sudeep was seemingly a healthy child until he turned 2. Suddenly he got severe dysentery, his parents took him to a local clinic and he was prescribed medicines. He got better but in few days it kept recurring. No medicines helped him, over the years, it had almost become a part of his life. After every meal, he passes stools in minutes. Last month, his stomach started swelling abnormally and it was his school teachers who asked his parents to take him to Rainbow hospital and gave money for the bus tickets and tests.

Sudeep with his siblings

"Doctors took a lot of tests and told us that he needs a liver transplant at the earliest. We couldn't believe it because he was still active. His liver is failing. The doctors explained what the disease is, but I didn't understand. All that I understood was that his life is at risk,"- Shantha Kumar

He is braving every painful injection with a smile

Sudeep is not able to eat. He tries his best to be active but the stomach pain and medicines have made him weak and he sleeps most of the time.

"But he has never complained about anything. It is his smile that give us strength but it also hurts us because we cannot help him. He likes to be with me all the time because I take him out. He sometimes asks me why I'm not taking him home but how can I tell him the truth?" - Shantha Kumar

My wife works all day to try and save him, but it's not enough

Shantha Kumar is a mason and earns around Rs 8,000 per month. His wife Raniamma is a domestic help and earns around Rs 7,000 per month. It has been a month since Shantha Kumar went for work, he is taking care of Sudeep while Raniamma is struggling to make the ends meet and arrange money for the treatment. They have spent 4 lakhs so far by borrowing from everyone they know and now they have nothing left.

"My relatives are asking us to just let him live as long as he is fated to and not to spend money on him because we have 3 other children. How can we do this? We cannot let him to have a painful death, please help us save him" - Shanta Kumar

Together we can save 10-year-old Sudeep

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