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Help Urban Youth Realize Their Potential, Triple Your Impact

Worth More Than 10,000

Mohammed's first job was at a small software firm, earning Rs. 10,000 a month. In his small town of Khammam, Telangana, this was a good start. But he'd put in 4 years of earnest studies, depleting his parents's savings, to earn his engineering degree. So yes, he'd hoped for better. And he jumped at a bank job that paid more. An engineer at heart, the monotony got to him, and he quit. Unemployed, desperate, lacking key skills, he discovered an opportunity offered by Talent Sprint and Milaap: a study loan to access vocational training and secure a job!Finally, he was back in control. He signed up for a three-month course in software testing. They taught him about the latest technologies employed in the industry. They even groomed him in etiquette, taught him to communicate confidently and dress well. Then they helped him secure a job at Virtusa, with a starting salary of Rs. 340,000, almost THREE times what he was making. Today, three months later, Mohammed is thrilled at his dream job, doing what he loves, earning well. He repaid his last two study loan installments with his own salary.[caption id="attachment_4516" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Mohammed Kaza Nayeemuddin - Realized His Dreams Through Vocational Training Mohammed Kaza Nayeemuddin - Testing Engineer, Virtusa[/caption]

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Small Towns, Big Dreams

Like Mohammed, Siva and Satish also graduated as engineers. The son of farm laborers from Vizag, Siva studied under a government scheme in a little known engineering college that offered no campus placements. Satish's college in Srikakulam left him in a similar quandary. Unemployed for over a year, Satish wrangled himself a job at a BPO. Both of them saw their dreams crumble. But the chance to undergo vocational training and timely support from folks like you transformed their lives. Today Siva is employed at Ciphercloud - the first and only software engineer in his whole family! And Satish is fulfilling his potential at Tech Mahindra. All it took was a little support.Roll over to view the slideshow[gallery type="slideshow" ids="4531,4532"]Thousands of urban youth across India – whether from big cities like Delhi to the north, or from small towns like Srikakulam to the south – aspire to realize their potential. A lot of them hope to secure their first jobs. Good jobs, competitive salaries, the ability to support their families: these are the goals that drive them. Sandhya's infectious smile belies her family's dire financial situation. Once she gets a software job, she will be their breadwinner, easing her father's stress. Merin wants a say in decisions affecting her life. Pravalika wants to establish her own identity. They echo every young woman's hope.Roll over to view the slideshow[gallery type="slideshow" ids="4538,4537,4536"]

Help Them Soar

These youth are the future of India. They will drive her growth and prosperity for decades to come. Through partnerships with human capital experts like LS Talent Transformation, Orion Edutech, and Talent Sprint, Milaap connects you to these youth. As India approaches its 67th Independence Day, we’re gearing up to empower them. You, too, can be a part of this. Starting today and all through August, the National Skill Development Corp (NSDC) is going to triple the impact of every rupee and dollar you fundraise on Milaap towards empowering a deserving youth. You can also write to about your interest in educating a student and we will setup a page for you.[gallery type="thumbnails" ids="4543,4544,4545"]We're campaigning to give these youngsters the opportunity they seek. Start a campaign. Spread the word. Give them wings, let them soar!

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