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This 11-year-old Can be Saved From Cancer If Her Parents Can Keep Her Under Treament

For the last 4 months, this 11-year-old girl has been spending her days in the hospital as she has been diagnosed with cancer. Her life is different now. She can't help but wish she was back home, fighting with her brother, deep in worry about her homework, and exams. Doctors tell her she needs more treatment so she can go home, free from cancer but her poor parents have no option left to save her.

Her family struggles to save her

Somitha's parents Ramu and Jyothi cannot afford their daughter's treatment. While Ramu earns wages as a labourer, Jyothi is a home-maker and ensures that she is always by Somitha's side.

"I will do anything for my daughter.I work every day, extra hours, but even that is not enough for her treatment.It is a huge amount.We want our daughter back."- Ramu, Father of Somitha

How It All Happened

Three months ago, Somitha and her older brother Anjani Kumar,14, visited their grandparents for their festival Ugadi. The family had a wonderful time together. Somitha was happy and playful the entire time. One day later, Somitha was down with a high fever. Everyone thought it was the exhaustion from running around during the festival.

When her grandparents took her to the hospital, no amount of medication reduced the fever. Somitha started undergoing multiple medical tests. 10 days later, she was diagnosed with cancer.

The family didn't have time to think, they had to get her treated

Doctors suggested that Somitha would need to be admitted at the earliest.Somitha has been undergoing treatment since, for the last 3 months at the same hospital.Her parents have paid a total of Rs.3.5 lakh for her treatment - money borrowed from a lender with interest. They do not have any more money to save their daughter. She needs to undergo chemotherapy which would cost 8- 10 lakhs for the next few months.

Somitha's Older Brother Waits For Her To Come Home

"He asks us every day about his sister. He feels responsible as the older brother. He doesn't enjoy going to school alone.He misses his sister.They are best friends," said Ramu, Somitha's father. 

Somitha's brother, Anjani Kumar studies in the 8th standard in the same school. He doesn't speak much nowadays. His sister cannot accompany him to school and this is troubling him.

He understands his little sister has cancer and he cannot do anything to save her than pray for her to come back home.

How Can You Help? 

Your support and contribution will help this 11-year-old go back to school and live a happy childhood! It will help her get the treatment that she deserves and join her brother and best friend who is eagerly waiting for her!

Supporting document
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the champion or the medical team by clicking on the link below.

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