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Solar lanterns are making their lives easier

I had a chance to interact with two members group viz Shantilata and Damayanti. Both of these women look very active and are successfully maintaining the finances of their families despite of them being not educated much. Shantilata has studied till 5th standard while Damayanti till 7th standard. After passing away of her husband, Damayanti has not only looked after her family very well but also has been running an auto repair shop and is employing 5-6 workers at her shop. Damayanti also works with Sahara Company as a financial agent. Shantilata runs a small restaurant in the town with the help of her husband. The most of food offered at the restaurant is actually cooked by Shantilata at her home. Due to frequent power cuts it is difficult to do the household work in the night and children also find it difficult to study at home. To mitigate this problem the group had taken solar energy loan almost one month back from Milaap for buying the solar lanterns. They had very good experience with Milaap and its field partner is quite happy with the loan. The group expects that in future based on their timely repayment record they would be able to avail loans of more amounts. The group now wants to apply for house loan to do some renovation work at their homes.xfvgdfjh

Meet Shantilata who wants her daughter to get the best education