Solar energy has provided relief to the people from woes of frequent power cuts | Milaap

Solar energy has provided relief to the people from woes of frequent power cuts

Sinapali is a small town in the district of Nuapada in Orissa. It was my part of the field visit to meet Tapaswini Kata and Group who had almost a month back availed the solar energy loan facilities form Milaap. The village where the group is lives is called Kirkita and is around 15 kilometers from the town. As I reached there I saw that most of the women had been to the fields to work as the paddy harvesting season is going on. Within minutes of my arrival the group leader had all the members assembled at her place. As per the women, they grow vegetables, cereals and pulses in addition to paddy. Due to non-availability of irrigation facilities they are able to grow only one crop of paddy in a year. While there are electricity connections in the villages the supply of power is not reliable. Most of the times there are frequent and long power cuts which affect their household work and business related works badly. This was also the reason why they had approached Milaap field partner for the solar lanterns. They have good experience in using the solar energy, which has eased their problems to an extent. The households in the villages don’t have water supplies to their homes and use a public tap for water or well. They have been using cloths for filtering the water as the water available in the village is not very safe to drink without purification. As they enquired about me what other facilities are available for them through my organization, I told them how in various ways Milaap has been helping the underprivileged people in making their lives better with the help of Milaap field partners and gave them an insight into various other loan products available through Milaap which can help them in enterprise development, education and sanitation.

Tapaswini Kata and Group