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This 2-year-old cancer patient's life depends on his treatment but his farmer parents are unable to support him

It has been few months of struggle and days of sleepless nights for Sivakumar and Bharathi. They haven't spent a single moment in peace, in the fear that their son will not make it. 

2-year-old Sivabharathi has been fighting cancer for the last few months. His family has been struggling to make him stay alive. With no support, he is on the verge of losing to the illness.

Sivabharathi's parents are farmers. Sivakumar and Bharathi have already spent whatever they could to help him but expenses have shot up, leaving them without help.

This 2-year-old doesn't stop crying. He is so much pain for him to bear

 Sivabharathi stopped eating and came across as extremely weak. He was taken to the local hospital who diagnosed as a normal fever but when is condition became worse, he was taken to Child Trust hospital where he was diagnosed with cancer.

"We were shocked, We never thought our little son could get something as serious as this", says Bharathi
Sivakumar's land and nearby lands are affected by drought. Their income is affected due to this. There is nothing left for Sivakumar to sell and get money. Their relatives are equally poor and after a point, they refused to meet Sivakumar and Bharathi in the fear that they will ask for help.

He undergoes painful chemotherapy every week

Sivabharathi is undergoing chemotherapy now. He is taking his 4th session of chemotherapy. Each session goes to 4 days. The family travels by bus to reach the hospital and spends a week.

"He cries in pain all day. My wife has been managing him well but i see it's affecting her", says Siva".

The treatment is taking a toll on Sivabharathi's emotions. The parents are struggling to keep him calm.

How you can help

Our support will give this 2-year-old a new life. He is so small to even understand what is affecting his body. Our contributions will help this little one survive.
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, click on 'contact organiser' button on the campaign page.

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