This father gave up his job to help his baby fight cancer. Help him save his son | Milaap
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This father gave up his job to help his baby fight cancer. Help him save his son

Sai Likitesh is a 15-month-old baby with liver cancer. He has undergone 6 cycles of chemotherapy at KIDWAI and needs a liver transplant to live. His father Girish was a rice-mill worker in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, who had to leave his job to get Sai his treatment. Girish needs help saving his baby.

Baby Sai with his mother Dhanalakshmi

Parents struggling to understand why their baby has cancer

“Me and my wife don't say much. We come to Chennai for Sai's treatment and to make sure he gets all his medicines. It is how we can do what we must,” says Girish Babu, Sai Likitesh's father. The parents have found their own way to stay strong as their infant suffers from a terrible disease. 

As for Sai Likitesh, he continues to grow rapidly, playing energetically with the other kids at the Kanchi Kamakoti Children's Trust Hospital, Chennai. Even when he needs to lie down for intravenous treatment, he no longer screams and cries. His parents' quiet, steady presence comforts him. 

Sai Likitesh with his parents

When he was 8-months-old, Sai was brought to the hospital for chronic diarrhoea and fever. The doctor recommended a scan that revealed the cancer developing in little Sai's liver. The tumour needed to be shrunk with chemotherapy. Following that, Sai needs a liver transplant for complete recovery.  

Sai went to KIDWAI for chemotherapy. He finished 6 cycles of chemotherapy and is responding well to the treatment. His tumour has shrunk and he is awaiting a liver transplant. With the transplant, he has a great chance of beating cancer and living a healthy life. The procedure is slated to cost Rs 22 lakhs and the family is unable to arrange for the funds.

Baby Sai is a fighter and has responded very well to chemotherapy

Girish left his job so he could focus on getting Sai the treatment he needed

Girish had no job but he is too enterprising to become a victim. He found a job that gave him the time he needed to be with Sai in the hospital. The job also made sure the family had enough for their basic needs.

“I had to take two-three weeks off from the mill, so I decided to leave it till Sai gets better. Instead, now I do 'canvassing'. I reach out to rice shops who might want to buy rice from the mill. I supply to them and earn a small commission from the mill and the shop,” he explains. 

This work brings him about 5,000 per month and he says it is enough to travel to Chennai and Bangalore from Nellore for Sai's treatment. They also get help from friends and family members who want to help him in his time of need.

Girish and Sai Likitesh

“They have helped, but I know they are not rich. I am very grateful for their small help. It has helped us continue Sai's treatment without stopping,” explains Girish. So far, Girish has spent over 3 lakhs on Sai's treatment. But he does not have enough funds for the transplant that will save Sai's life. 

“Sai was born to us 9 years after marriage. To us, he is most important. But now, I don't know how I can arrange for his treatment,” he says, acutely aware that his determination can only take him this far.   

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