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Shooting for a cause! - A new entrant to the Milaap family!

Don’t worry, our new team member isn’t shooting anyone nor have we hired anyone to do so! :D

Meet Ruchir Saraf, our new videographer at Milaap. He is from Nagpur, Maharashtra and he  loves travelling, meeting new people and chatting for hours together with his friends over a cup of tea/coffee.

Today is his first day here at our office and thought we shouldn’t burden him with work, rather let him acquaint himself with the team. We had a small chat with him and this is what he had to say.


Tell us about yourself & your prior experience before joining Milaap

I am from Nagpur, Maharashtra and I completed my Engineering in Nagpur itself. Sitting in a comfortable corporate office was not me and I could never imagine myself working full time with a software firm.

Wanted to do something different, something I was passionate about. I love films and I decided to do a Masters in Mass Communication in Symbiosis, Pune. During my course I took a break in my 3rd semester and assisted a Marathi film director. It was an amazing experience.  After my post- graduation I worked with a production house in Mumbai  for 6 months.

So how did you hear about Milaap?

I was looking for an opportunity to work where I could edit, shoot and conceptualize an entire film.  During this time when I was looking for such an opportunity, a friend of mine gave me a call and informed me that Milaap, is looking for a videographer. I googled Milaap and loved the concept and the work they were doing. I knew that this is the place I want to work for, since it had energetic, young professionals and the work done so far has been fabulous!

What was your motivation in joining Milaap?

I don’t think there is a better way to serve the society if you utilize your skill set and profession for a social enterprise like Milaap. My motivation was to use my talent and skills for a cause that has an impact on communities in rural India. I want to capture the emotions of the borrowers, show the conditions they are living in and thus improve their standard of living by connecting their stories to the audience.

What is your expectation from Milaap?

I am expecting an opportunity where I bring more creative ideas to the table and with the videos I shoot. I hope that more lives are changed and much awareness is brought about with the videos I shoot.

Welcome to the team, Ruchir!  We love your enthusiastic spirit. We hope you have a great time at Milaap. :)

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