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Only Surgery In A Few Hours Can Save This 6-Year-Old From Heart Failure

Yesterday, suddenly her fingers turned blue and she struggled to breathe. When we rushed her to the hospital they said that she needs to undergo the surgery today or we will lose her. Her heart is giving up on her and we have nothing in hand to save our daughter,” - Nayeem, Nazma's mother.

When Nazimuddin and Nayeem had just reached Chennai for their daughter’s general check-up yesterday, Nazma (6) had severe difficulty in breathing, her oxygen levels had drastically dropped resulting in her fingers turning blue. But with barely any time left, her parents are desperately waiting for help to afford their daughter's life-saving surgery. 

These parents have struggled to save Nazma all these years 

“I had a normal delivery and everything was fine until my baby showed difficulty in drinking milk when she was 5-days-old. When I consulted a doctor I was told that she has a hole in her heart. From that day onwards the hospital has become a second home to Nazma and me,” - Nayeem.

Nazma is suffering from cyanotic congenital heart disease from birth, a condition in which blood contains less than normal amounts of oxygen and causes a hole in the centre of the heart. Nazma was too tiny to undergo major surgery to close the hole in the heart. So, she underwent a couple of surgeries in a span of 4 years to improve her heart condition and also to buy some time for the prime surgery. But her heart is giving up on her sooner than expected. She urgently needs to undergo a surgery within a few hours. This stands as her last resort for survival.

To afford regular check-ups, tests and surgeries we have borrowed a lot of money on interest and spent nearly 10 lakhs. She has a strict diet to maintain. To provide her meals three to four times a day, I borrowed money from my friends and neighbours as well,” - Nayeem.

She has isolated herself because of her heart disease

Nazimuddin and Nayeem wanted Nazma to have a normal life just like any parent would wish for their child. They have taught her to play indoor games and sing rhymes. But Nazma’s poor health leaves her with many questions.

“We do not want her to feel any different from other children. When we started sending her to school, she understood that she cannot jump and run like her classmates. This made her feel insecure and she isolated herself. She barely talks to anyone at school. Everyday in the evening she returns home crying that she is unable to even walk fast like others. She doesn’t know that her weak heart is causing her to lag behind and might soon take her life too,” - Nayeem.

This auto driver who struggles to make ends meet cannot save his daughter

Nazimuddin is the sole bread earner of the family. He drives an auto in Nellore district, AP and earns only Rs 6000 a month. More than half of his income goes in clearing debts and with the bare minimum he earns, he strives not only to run the house but also to afford his daughter’s medicines. Now, he has exhausted all his resources. The life-saving surgery for his daughter costs more than four lakhs and he cannot afford it.

“I also sold my wife’s jewellery and there is nothing left to call my own to sell. I have done everything for my daughter’s survival. Now, she has only few hours left for the surgery, I beg you to help me save my girl, please,” - Nazimuddin.

Nazma is only a step away from her life-saving surgery and only a few hours are left. Without your help, her heart will soon stop beating. Your kind contribution can save Nazma. 

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 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team

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