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Selvi has made safe sanitation a reality for her family

I went to a village in rural Tiruchirappalli, some fifty kilometers away from the city, hoping to catch up with Mahalakshmi, a leader of one of the many Joint Liability Groups from this area, on the progress she's made with the loan amount. Since she was unavailable, I met Selvi, a member of the same JLG. She lives with her husband and two children, a son and a daughter, both of whom have finished engineering and are now seeking employment. her husband runs a flower shop, while she takes care of her own petty shop just outside her house. It's been six months since she took a loan from GUARDIAN for the purpose of constructing a toilet in her house. The construction of the toilet has now been completed and is fully functional. Before the presence of such sanitation facilities at her house, the whole family used to go to the open fields on the opposite side of the main road, on which their house is located. Her children found it embarrassing and on their insistence on the need for proper sanitation facilities, she availed the loan. Now, the entire family is happy with her decision and is reaping the benefits of leading a healthy life.