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Mousumi's Husband Lost His Legs to a Terrible Infection, And May Lose His Life Too

Mousumi and Subrata have been married for 3 years and lived a happy life. In just a month, their plans, dreams, and hopes have completely been shattered, Subrata is in ICU fighting multiple life-threatening diseases. He requires further treatment to recover and live a normal life and Mousumi is running out of time. 

It all started with a fever leading to multi-organ failure

Two months before, 32-year-old Subrata had a severe fever and he was taken to a hospital in Guwahati. His had septicemia - an infection in the blood. He was rushed to a hospital in Chennai for treatment. His infection became so bad that he started having multi-organ failure. He is now on ventilator support and has been in ICU for over 40 days.

He has lost both his legs and parts of six of his fingers due to the infection

Subrata's wife Mousumi, has never heard of these conditions before - septic shock, disseminated intravascular coagulation, ischemic changes! Subrata needs treatment for all these conditions. He is given continuous dialysis and blood transfusions every day. In this process, he has lost both his legs and parts of six of his fingers. The terrible pain and many tests later, the source of the infection is still unknown. 

 He is going through terrible pain and yet the source of infection is unknown

“I can’t think of anything now but saving him. Nothing in my life prepared me to handle something this horrible. He is a wonderful, caring person, and this illness is threatening his life. Though I don't understand how it happened, I can care for him all my life. I just want to take him home. I can’t lose him at any cost” says Mousumi.

Mousumi is too emotionally weak to even talk

Mousumi’s brother Dipam and Subrata’s father are the only ones supporting Mousumi. They have rented out a room in Chennai and spending sleepless nights. Mousumi hardly talk to anyone and she refuses to eat anything. She is desperately waiting to see her husband back to normal life.

Mousumi and Subrata before he got sick

They have sold the house and everything they had yet the bills are unpaid

Though never rich, the couple lived a modest, happy life. Life will never be the same again. Subrata's father has sold his house and all the valuables like jewellery they had. They need Rs 1.5 lakhs to 2 lakhs per day and they have no source of income. They are helpless and they have no strength to even explain their sorrow.

“Throughout all of these tragic events that have thrown themselves upon us, we have remained determined to save him. It is heartbreaking to see my sister in such a terrible state, she is disturbed and restless, I have no words to console her. She is very scared that the medical expenses may become too much to save Subrata,” says Dipam.

How you can help

Subatra worked as a housekeeping executive in a hotel for a meagre salary. His father worked as a primary school teacher. The family has exhausted all their savings and still have looming unpaid medical bills. They are determined to save Subrata and hope to continue their life with him. It would be unfortunate if they are forced to stop the treatment due to insufficient funds. The medical bill is expected to come around Rs 30-35 lakhs in coming days. Only your contributions can help them.

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The specifics of this campaign have been verified with the concerned hospital. For more details, please contact the campaign organizer or the hospital.

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