6-Month-Old Baby Sanabil Has Lost Use Of Her Right Leg Due To Cancer, Requires To Undergo Urgent Corrective Surgery | Milaap
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6-Month-Old Baby Sanabil Has Lost Use Of Her Right Leg Due To Cancer, Requires To Undergo Urgent Corrective Surgery

6-month back, when Baby Sanabil was born, her family couldn't stop celebrating. Her parents were beyond thrilled at the prospect of having a newborn in their home, but sadly their happiness did not last long. Baby Sanabil has been diagnosed with bone cancer soon after birth and her life is in danger. She needs to undergo a surgery immediately to survive.

Suffering since born

The day after she was born, the doctors told her parents that something was wrong with their little one. Her calf and thighs in the right leg were joined, and she seemed in a lot of pain.
"For few months after, even if we touched her right leg, she would shriek in pain. She couldn't sleep at night, and most of it was spent with her crying and us helplessly looking at her, trying to make her feel better. She was in so much pain. It still breaks my heart every time I remember her shrieks through the night", said Sanabil's father, Irshad.

The baby is undergoing chemotherapy, but it is not enough to save her

Sanabil's parents spent first few months scouring hospitals near their home in Uttar Pradesh. The doctors were unable to identify the cause of her discomfort. Concerned with her worsening health, they decided to bring her to Mumbai.

Once they got here, the family spent 10 days at another hospital. Eventually, she was taken to Tata and biopsy was conducted. The results finally told them what was wrong with their daughter, it was a diagnosis nothing could have prepared them for.
"She had cancer. This little bundle of joy has cancer. The doctors started the treatment and her pain had greatly reduced. But her life is still in danger and the cancerous tumour has grown. She still can't stretch her right leg," said the father.
To increase her odds of survival and restore full use of her leg, the doctors have scheduled baby Sanabil for surgery next month. 

Parents cannot afford for the treatment 

Sanabil's father Irshad is the sole breadwinner of the family and with his meager income, he has to support his wife, children, and his parents. Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, he and his wife have been in Mumbai for past 2 months for their daughter's chemotherapy. They have exhausted whatever little funds they had. The baby also has to be operated for a tumor. The doctor has given the parents a month's time to arrange for the money required for the surgery.

How can you help?

Sanabil has to undergo tumor removal surgery and continued chemotherapy for next 12 months. The estimated cost of entire treatment is Rs 2 lakhs. The family has exhausted all their savings and now only your contributions can save this 6-month-old baby from Cancer. Baby Sanabil needs surgery before she loses her chance.

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