Determined To Help His Family Fight Poverty, This 20-Year-Old Is Now Suffering From Blood Cancer and Needs Immediate Help | Milaap
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Determined To Help His Family Fight Poverty, This 20-Year-Old Is Now Suffering From Blood Cancer and Needs Immediate Help

“All of a sudden, it feels like my life and dreams have been shattered. I’m the only one who is going to support my family and we’re going through enough hardships already. I just want to get cured soon.”- Pavan

Pavan at the hospital

Pavan Randave’s life has turned upside-down after he was shockingly diagnosed with blood cancer less than a month ago. The 20-year-old, a passionate mechanical engineering student from Pune, who just wants to work hard for his family needs to undergo chemotherapy for the next 8 months in Mumbai. His father, a laborer, has no way to provide for the life-saving treatments Pavan needs.

Pavan is critical and anemic

After a sustained headache, Pavan decided to go to the doctor to get checked up. After a few tests, he was asked to come to Mumbai for further tests.

“More than the headaches, I had become extremely weak. I would be able to climb a lot of stairs and floors, but now, I feel like lying down just after climbing 2. I feel very weak from inside.” – Pavan

Pavan’s platelets count had dropped from around 150,000 to around 1,900! His hemoglobin levels were around 2, which are dangerously too low when compared to the normal count of around 15-16. Pavan is extremely anemic and very critical. He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a severe form of blood cancer that spreads quickly if untreated.

Right now, Pavan’s condition is critical and he needs to undergo chemotherapy as soon as possible.

Pavan's eyes are turning red

Pavan’s dreams are shattered

“I wanted to pursue engineering design and love mechanical engineering. I was lucky to get to study engineering in the first place, through a quota, otherwise my family could not afford it.  Right now, I’m even signed up for a design competition, which is very important to me. I’m in my third year of engineering and to get more experience I work on Saturdays and Sundays at a design company. I help in designing pumps and boilers and I love it. I had just joined it a few weeks ago and I get paid Rs 3000 per month which I give to my family. I want to pursue a master’s or get a job soon so I can help out my family and give them a better life.” – Pavan

Pavan's mother, Savita and Pavan

Pavan also hopes of applying to the IIT for advanced design studies. All of this has come to a standstill since Pavan now needs to undergo intensive chemotherapy for the next 8 months followed by additional treatment for the following 2 years.

Pavan’s humility is empowering

The 20-year-old ambitious student from a less-than-privileged background radiates humility despite what life’s thrown his way. He has always been kind and humble. His humility has won the hearts of many and now, his entire class in Singhad College of engineering is trying to raise funds for him and his family.

But Pavan’s father, Popat is still running out of time to arrange funds for the life-saving chemotherapy Pavan needs.

Pavan and his family are in dire need of help

Popat is a laborer who works in a factory that manufactures cushions and seat-covers for bikes. He earns a meager sum of Rs 8,000 per month. Pavan’s mother, Savita was a janitor at a hospital. Pavan has 2 sisters and, Popat can’t save anything while tending to a family of 5. They live in the government housing projects.

Popat, Pavan, and Savita

Pavan is determined to help his family out of poverty but his feeling of helplessness is heartbreaking. His father quit his job to be with him for the next 8 months, while he undergoes chemotherapy in Mumbai.

“When I got to know he has blood cancer, I just fell apart. How are we going to pay so much with nothing in our hands? I even left my daughters at home, alone, and came to Mumbai. I have no idea what they’re eating or how they’re surviving. No one in our family has ever gone through this.” – Savita, Pavan’s mother.

The total cost of the chemotherapy and the medicines is estimated to be around Rs 6 lakhs. Popat and Pavan have absolutely no way to afford this.

How you can help

20-year-old Pavan is severely anemic and very critical due to blood cancer. To survive, he needs to start chemotherapy as soon as possible. His dreams have been shattered but he hasn’t lost hope. His father is a laborer and has absolutely no money to save his son. He now needs our help.

Your support will save Pavan

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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