I Have 3 Young Children To Look After, My Wife's Illness Is Breaking Our Family and I Don't Have Means To Save Her. | Milaap
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I Have 3 Young Children To Look After, My Wife's Illness Is Breaking Our Family and I Don't Have Means To Save Her.

"My wife and I had made elaborate plans to raise our 3 young kids. We had hoped to see them grow old together. We were saving for their higher education but everything is broken now. I see my family falling apart. My wife is suffering from cancer and I don't know how to save her." - Ravi

My wife and my kids have left my home.

My wife Nirmala,(37 years) is suffering from multiple myeloma, a bone marrow cancer which has severely affected her body and internal organs. Her bones have become weak, her kidney is damaged and is not functioning well and she constantly cries in extreme pain.

Seeing her condition I had become helpless, I was unable to take care her along with our kids. We had to take hard decision of letting her and my children go and stay with my parents in law.

My Children don't even understand why their mother cries so much nowadays

Nirmala was diagnosed with myeloma all of a sudden 4 months ago. We did not even get time to completely absorb this sad news and we had to start preparing for her treatment. We were never able to figure out how her episodes of back pain, suddenly became fatal cancer.

Since then every day is a challenge for her, the disease constantly erodes her body. she constantly experiences deep pain in her joints and continuously feels weak. She feels helpless and cries in disappointment, that she cannot take care of her children anymore.

"If cancer was not enough to break us, her kidney as also given up"

Her kidney has failed and she requires dialysis thrice a week adding to that she undergoes chemo sessions twice in a month.

The change in her behavior puzzles the children, they don't understand why does she cry as she was never like this. They miss seeing their old mom.

My parents in law had to sell their house so that the expenses are met

Nirmala's monthly medical expenses come close to 20 thousand rupees per week, I earn 25 thousand per month with makes impossible for me to keep up with the expenses.

My parents in law have been helping us so far with expenses, they even sold their house so that expenses could be arranged.

However, only a Bone marrow transplant is the can save Nirmala which will cost us 10 lakh rupees, I don't know from where can I arrange that much amount.

It is my humble request to please support me in saving my wife and bringing my family back together.

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