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This Engineering Student Met With An Accident While Trying To Save His Friend's Life

"All of his life Darshan has helped everyone around him, from close friends to complete strangers. Now he requires help and support from everyone to stay alive".

For the last 20 days,Darshan has been laying unconscious in the intensive care unit. Unsure about her son's future. Seema prays every hour and hopes to see Darshan back in his senses. A road accident has left this 19-year-old

He was returning home after exams

Darshan was happy about his 4th-semester engineering exams coming to an end. On 16th June the exam for one of the practical subjects went really well. He felt a relief that the semester was coming to an end after a month long battle with assignments and assessments.
He was on his way to drop one of his classmates home before returning to his place. After a drive 15 minutes, Darshan suddenly pulled the brakes and lost control on his scooter. Both of them were dragged and thrown at a distance.

Darshan was trying to save another college mate who was trying to cross the road. Darshan remained conscious, however he could not move. He suffered a serious head injury and multiple injuries all over his body. His friend who was his pillion rider also suffered external injuries.

They lost precious time because the hospital didn't have required facilities

A friend returning from college saw Darshan lying on the road. With the help of others, she immediately took him to one of the hospitals nearby and informed Darshan's mother.

Seeing his condition the doctors recommended to operate him immediately, and referred him to VINS hospital as they were unable to perform surgery to lack of equipment and specialist doctors.

"The hospital did not show any empathy towards my son's condition, the ambulance offered to us had no ventilator, none of the hospital staff accompanied us to VINS hospital, nor the driver knew the directions to the hospital. I feel we lost crucial time in finding routes and lack of a ventilator worsened my son's condition and could have been easily avoided"

His mother had to tear up her dupatta and use it to prevent bleeding from his nose

On the way to the hospital, Darshan suffered heavy bleeding from his nose and by the time they reached the hospital, he was bleeding from his nose and he fell unconscious.

The doctors performed immediate surgery on his brain. Since then darshan has been unconscious and his condition remains uncertain.

A dream shattered, an opportunity lost

Darshan is a student in Parul University, on of the top institutes for Engineering in Vadodara. He is a computer science student and has dreams of becoming a software engineer. Darshan is a hard-working student, he has been raised by a single mother and understands the value of college education.

His hard work landed him an internship at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) this year and he was so excited about the opportunity. He would have got a full time opportunity once he completed his studies.
He and her mother had high hopes of seeing him as a computer engineer, however, everything seems now like a dream, a dream which has been shattered now.

How you can help

All his life darshan has been a savior to many, he has helped total strangers, helped friends with their studies, he was available for everyone all the time. He in fact used to get extra home-cooked meals for his classmates who were living away from their home in hostels.
Now Darshan requires support from everyone to survive, to fight back and save his life. His condition remains critical however doctors are hopeful that his condition will improve slowly. The initial phase of treatment was supported by this friends and well-wishers. He needs to spend another month in the hospital and may undergo another brain surgery. The doctors have estimated a fund requirement of another 10 lakhs for his treatment. His mother being a private school teacher cannot arrange such a huge amount. 

Our support can save this young student who met with this accident while trying to save another life.  He sacrificed himself and tried saving his college mate. Funds raised through this fundraiser campaign will help this good soul stay alive.

Supporting document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team

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