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Sudha's dreams of success were shattered by the diagnosis of a dangerous cancer

Sudha Rani is a 24-year-old fighting Plasma-Cell Leukaemia, a blood cancer that is very dangerous and difficult-to-treat. Her father Yellaiah is a daily-wage worker who earns Rs 500 for every day that he works. He has already borrowed heavily for the treatment and does not have enough to save his daughter. 

Sudha with Yellaiah. Cancer has not dampened her spirits and she is hopeful that she will get better.

All his life, his daughters have been Yellaiah's only wealth

Yellaiah decided long back that his daughters Spandana and Sudha would never feel disadvantaged because he was poor. They both got to study whatever they wanted to. Spandana is pursuing an MBA. Sudha completed her engineering and was preparing for exams to join a bank.  

Life came to a sudden halt with Sudha's diagnosis in June. She was down with fever and weakness. Yellaiah took her to the local doctor in Bapatla who treated her with antibiotics. The medicines did not work. They went to the nearest city in Guntur and it was there that they learnt she had cancer. 

Even though Sudha is undergoing aggressive chemotherapy and is feeling its side effects, she is determined to beat cancer and tries her best to remain active

“We were such a happy family – full of love and compassion for everyone. Ever since they told us Sudha has cancer we have been in shock. My mother always made sure that we ate good, healthy food. We don't understand why this should happen to us,” says Spandana, Sudha's older sister.  

Now, Sudha stays in a relative's house in Hyderabad taking chemotherapy to stop the progress of cancer. But her cancer is such that it is very hard to treat with chemotherapy alone. She needs a bone-marrow transplant that will help her body produce healthier blood cells.

Sudha with her parents in the hospital

This family needs our help saving Sudha

Even now, Sudha's voice is strong and she is full of hope that she will get better. She talks about all the side-effects of chemotherapy – like indigestion, vomiting, mouth sores and weakness – in a matter-of-fact way. This is not someone who lets misfortune get her down.

“From when she was a child, Sudha has been a firm believer in God. Whenever she feels sad, she sits down to pray and then she feels better. She is the strength of the family. These days, I have also started praying to God to save her,” says Yellaiah. 

All his life, this father has been working very hard to do his very best for his children. Sudha was finally ready to get a job, become independent and be Yellaiah's suport and comfort in his old age. You can help Sudha get better and help this brave family.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.


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