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4-Year-Old Who Scratches Skin and Pulls Hair Out In Pain Has Only Days Left Without A Liver Transplant

 “Her skin bleeds every day because she scratches herself so much. She pulls her hair out because of the pain and screams in frustration. She can’t even wear clothes anymore. Her entire body is bloated, and she vomits blood every day. Her liver is a 100% damaged.

Sathvika's teary yellow eyes plead Muthuselvi and Muruganandam every day to save her from this misery, but all they can do is watch helplessly. Sathvika’s liver is now completely damaged. Every second that she goes without a liver transplant, she’s being pushed closer to death. After exhausting all their means, her parents can do nothing but pray for a miracle – that somehow, they can afford the life-saving transplant before it’s too late.  

Years of pain can come to an end for little Sathvika with a liver transplant

Muruganandam can’t think of a time when his youngest daughter was happy. He hasn’t seen her smile or play like other kids, all her toys lay abandoned, and some never opened. In the 4 years that she’s been alive, Sathvika’s life has only been about her fight to stay alive.

She was born without a gallbladder and had surgery a day after she was born. When she was 3 months, old we found out that she had a serious liver disease. It’s only been downhill since then. She’s had multiple surgeries and procedures, it’s just one new medicine after another, but nothing can completely cure her except for a liver transplant.”

One look at baby Sathvika, and it’s hard to ignore the immense pain she’s in. Sathvika is now barely getting by with medications, but she can be saved with a liver transplant. This sliver of hope, however, isn’t enough. Muruganandam and Muthuselvi need to find a way to pay for her treatment, and soon.

Her heartbroken and guilt-ridden parents plead for help

Sathvika is now only 12 kgs when her ideal weight should be 30kgs. All her hair has been shaved off to stop her from pulling it out, and she lays on the bed, without clothes, crying all day long. Little Sathvika’s suffering can come to an end with a liver transplant, but her parents, wracked with guilt, have nothing left to save her.

I can’t even look at my child anymore without breaking down.The guilt is tearing me apart. I see her die a little every day, all because we don’t have enough money to save her. I’m watching my daughter slip away before my eyes and there’s nothing that I can do. I’m sad, angry and frustrated. Above all, I’m extremely helpless.

How You Can Help

Sathvika is now living on borrowed time. An urgent liver transplant can save her and finally put years of pain to an end. Unfortunately, her father, who works for a private company, has spent nearly 5 lakhs on her treatment so far and has no means to pay 20 lakhs for surgery. It will take her parents years of saving to afford it, but their baby has only days left without a new liver. Only your support can give Sathvika timely treatment and save her life.

Your support will save Sathvika’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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