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10-year-old Saritha is Running of Time to Have a Heart Surgery

10-year-old Saritha has congenital heart disease. Her condition is very critical and she needs to undergo a surgery at the earliest to survive. She is from a very poor family and they cannot afford the treatment. She is a little girl full of hopes and dreams even as she fights this terrible condition.

Saritha had fever and breathing trouble when she was just 6-month-old

Saritha did not show any noticeable signs when she was born. It was at 6-months that she started having difficulty in breathing with bluish discoloration of skin and lips. She was immediately taken to a doctor who suspected heart disease. A series of tests confirmed that she had heart disease and surgery was the only cure. She was too weak to undergo surgery then. They had to wait until she put on some weight.

Since the diagnosis, her parents Ganesh and Roja are in despair. They live with a constant fear of losing their child. Despite her health issues, she loves going to school, but there are days she would returns to home because of difficulty in breathing. Saritha is in class 5 and already she's very focussed on her studies.

Saritha is very studious student, but her health issues make her irregular to school

“There are days we skip the meals because we don't have money to buy rice. Saritha knows that we can’t afford to take her to big hospitals, yet she has never once complained. She is always kind to everyone and scores such good marks. I see her struggling to even breathe. I don’t know why fate is so cruel to her,” says Ganesh.
Roja and Ganesh have five children and Saritha is their second child. The family has never had an easy life. They have been struggling to meet even their basic needs. Yet, Ganesh and Roja are determined to educate each one of their children and help them to live a happy life.

Her mother stays at home to take care of the children

There are times Saritha’s condition becomes worse and she needs extensive care especially when she catches a cold. Roja stays at home to take care of her daughter to make sure she is as comfortable as possible. Even though it means losing on the money she could be earning for the family.

“Doctors said that she needs a surgery immediately. We have very little time, I can’t imagine losing her just because we don’t have money. I don’t know what I can do to save her. Staying home with her is the least comfort I can give her. I’m desperately hoping that we can save her,” says Roja.

Saritha has to undergo treatment at the earliest to survive

How can you help

Ganesh is a daily-wage worker and his income depends on the availability of work in the market. He earns Rs 2,000-3,000 on an average every month. With this little money, he has to support his family of 6. Saritha can’t delay her surgery anymore. Ganesh cannot even imagine arranging for Rs 2 lakhs. Your contributions can help Saritha to have a surgery and live a normal life.

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