Having Suffered His Entire Life, This 16-Year-Old Won't Survive Unless He Gets The Transplant Within The Next Week | Milaap
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Having Suffered His Entire Life, This 16-Year-Old Won't Survive Unless He Gets The Transplant Within The Next Week

“I just keep remembering all the time we’ve spent together. On the days Sachin felt good, we’d even go out to play, although Sachin wouldn’t play much. His life has been nothing but full of hospital visits and now, after all this, I just want him to recover soon and get out of this.” – Dinesh, Sachin’s older brother

Just when he was 6 months old, Sachin was diagnosed with a severe blood disorder that has taken away his childhood from him. Without an immediate bone marrow transplant, Sachin just cannot survive long enough. 5 years ago, his brother, Dinesh, was matched as a donor too. But their father, who is struggling to meet the household expenses, feels terribly helpless because he just can’t seem to save his son.

Sachin and his brother Dinesh at the hospital

Sachin needs blood every 3-4 days

“16 years! That’s how long he’s been just suffering in pain, visiting doctors and hospitals, non-stop. When he was younger, he’d need transfusions every 15 days, but now, his condition is so bad that we have to take him every 3-4 days for a transfusion, otherwise, he’d be dead. He gets so weak. He doesn’t speak, doesn’t eat and looks very depressed. God only knows where all the blood he receives goes. It’s just so hard to look at him go through this since he was a child.”– Prakash, Sachin’s father

Sachin has been tormented his entire life but he’s fighting hard

Sachin was diagnosed with thalassemia major, which is a dangerous blood disorder, just 6 months after birth. His condition is so critical that his hemoglobin levels frequently fall below 3, which is severely life-threatening given that the average is 14.

 Even though he’s been at risk of losing his life on several occasions, he’s fought hard and now, he has hopes of recovering completely if he undergoes an immediate bone marrow transplant. Sachin is scheduled to undergo the surgery within the next week but his father has nothing left to help save him.

Sachin and Prakash at the hospital

Prakash is desperate to save Sachin from his misery

“5 years ago, Dinesh had been matched as a donor for his transplant. For poor people like me, it’s extremely hard to save and gather so much money. 5 years have passed by so fast but I still don’t have the money I need to save him. In these 16 years, to help him survive and get all the medications and transfusions done, we sold all our belongings including all my wife’s rings and bangles. On top of it, it’s so hard to watch him buried under needles. I had to undergo an operation for hernia too. Not once, but twice! That was so expensive I couldn’t work properly for months. It was so hard to earn money. These are such tough days. I can’t describe what I’m going through” - Prakash

Prakash, who works at a small store in Jaipur, pays over Rs. 10,000 every month for Sachin’s transfusions and medicines. He has been doing this for over 15 years.  He hasn’t been able to save anything because he struggles to meet the household expenses too. He’s desperate to save Sachin, but he feels that he will lose him to poverty.

How you can help

To life Sachin out of his lifelong misery, Prakash needs to provide a hefty sum of Rs. 17 lakhs so that Sachin can undergo the bone marrow transplant within a week. In such desperate times, he cannot save his son’s life without your help.

Your support will save 16-year-old Sachin give him the pleasure of living the remainder of his childhood to the fullest.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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