I Have Lost A Child To Heart Disease Before, I Can’t Bear To Lose My 3-Year-Old To The Same | Milaap
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I Have Lost A Child To Heart Disease Before, I Can’t Bear To Lose My 3-Year-Old To The Same

I lost my first child 5 years ago, but her memories still haunt me. It was too late when we found out that she had a hole in her heart, and therefore we couldn’t get her treated on time. I feel guilty every time I think about her – I feel I failed as her mother. Now, my 3-year-old son Naitik is suffering from a severe heart disease and I can’t understand why fate has landed us in the same helpless situation again. I am relieved that we were able to find out about his disease in time, but my family is too poor to afford his treatment,”-Shakuntala, mother of 3-year-old Naitik.

Naitik is suffering from mitral regurgitation, a severe heart disease caused by the abnormality of an important valve due to which the heart has to work harder than it should to get blood out to the body. It causes shortness of breath and tiredness. This story is written from the point of view of his mother.

Naitik with his uncle 

My husband and I are illiterate…it is only because of my educated brother that Naitik is still alive today

My husband, Satbir, is a daily wager while I am a housewife. We have not gone to school and do not know how to read and write. We belong to a remote village in Haryana and have lived here all our life – our knowledge is therefore very limited. When our son started suffering from regular cough and cold along with breathlessness, it didn’t occur to us that it could be the sign of something far more deadly. It was my brother Satbir, who is pursuing his BA now, who said that we need to take him to a good hospital to find out what was wrong. He took the initiative to look for good hospitals in Delhi – and that’s how my son was diagnosed.

My son cannot play and run around like other kids

My son looks weaker and smaller than other children his age. He always asks me to carry him, and complains of pain in his chest all the time. The neighborhood children ask him to play with them, but he refuses. He does not have the energy for anything – he eats very less too. When he asks me ‘What is wrong with me?’ with tearful eyes, I have no answer to give.

Shakuntala with her husband

We don’t even have money to travel for frequent hospital visits, please help us 

The doctor in Delhi has told us that prolonged medication can save him, but we don’t have the means for it. We don’t even have the money to travel from Haryana to Delhi, let alone buy his medicines. It was with great difficulty that we borrowed money to get him treated till now – we have a debt of more than Rs 70,000 now. We need 50,000 more to make sure that our son stays alive.

He is my only hope. I cannot afford to lose him like my first child – I will never be able to forgive myself if I do. With your kind contribution, I can save him.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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