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12-Year-Old Who Is Still In Kindergarten Needs Urgent Surgery For Her Deformed Spine

Meghana is bound to her wheelchair. She can’t walk without support and has not spoken full sentences yet. ‘Amma’ and ‘Appa’ are among the few words that she can say. Meghana Is 12, but she is still in preschool because of her physical and intellectual disability.

“We stopped seeing her disability as a weakness a long time ago. Yes, it is never going to be easy for her, but our child is special. She has so much love to give, and spreads happiness wherever she goes. However, two months ago we received shocking news – her spine is bending, and this can be a risk to her life if she doesn’t have surgery in time.” – Nagaraj, father

She was a baby when they found out she would not have a ‘normal’ childhood

Meghana was 1 when her parents found out that she was not like other children – she’s intellectually challenged. This affected her growth and development. Jayalakshmi and Nagaraj knew that she would not have a ‘normal’ childhood, but they strived to do the best for her. However, now, she has another challenge to overcome – scoliosis, the abnormal curvature of the spine. This can affect the lungs, nerves and heart, causing severe back pain, disfigurement and breathing trouble.  

“She was always a sickly child, hospitals visits were not uncommon. But with medicines and physio, she was getting healthier, or so we thought until she was diagnosed with scoliosis.”

Medical expenses over the years have left them with little

For years now, Meghana has been on medication and goes for physiotherapy regularly. She needs a special chair at home and school while sitting at the desk. Her parents have lost track of how much they have spent over the years.

Meghana now needs a surgery costing 5 lakhs. Jayalakshmi works as an assistant teacher at The Spastics Society of Karnataka, where Meghana also goes to school. She earns Rs. 6000 per month. Nagaraj is a milk supplier and earns Rs. 10,000 per month. Besides Meghana’s medications, they also have to spend Rs. 7,000 on rent, and Rs. 4000 every month on travel to take Meghana to school and back. It’s been a difficult 12 years for the parents, financially and emotionally. They just can’t afford the surgery.

Meghana hasn’t let her disability dim her spirit, but she can’t get surgery without your help

Despite the numerous hurdles she has had to overcome, Meghana is a happy and cheerful girl. She loves going to school and has many friends. Her parents have done everything they can to support, but the surgery for her bent spine is beyond their means.

Meghana needs the surgery at the earliest to avoid any serious health complications. Only you can help her.

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