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This 2-Year-Old Needs Your Support To Fight Blood Cancer

2 and a half year Old Baby Manvitha for the last one and a half years has taken several painful trips to the hospital. Her small, gentle hands are now full of injection marks. She has undergone several rounds of chemotherapy sessions and hates going to the hospital. At an age where she should be crying about not wanting to go to school, she has to bear all the pain experienced by a cancer patient, she is currently admitted in ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Manvitha is suffering from blood cancer and the only option which will save her life is undergoing a BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant) soon.
Sadly her parents are not well off and cannot afford the cost of the transplant which is estimated around 20 Lakhs. Manvitha and her parents need your help!

"At first when she was just 1-yr-old, she was very happy and excited to go to the hospital"

Manvitha's father Raghavendra recalls her being a very active and a joyful kid. Even as a newborn she did not cry too much and use to be happy and playful all the time. Her mother, Roopa never had to constantly look after her. She was diagnosed last year when she stopped responding to medicines and was constantly running high fever.
Even after she was diagnosed with cancer and used to feel weak, tired all the time. Her excitement did not run out. she was very happy and excited to go to the hospital. She was happy that she was getting the chance to go out. But these days, after all, the injections and the chemo session, she doesn't feel that way. She can't speak but she lifts both of her hands asking them to go back home.

“Cancer seems like a 50-50 chance. You may or may not get better, no matter what the treatment. We are very worried about our only child.”

All Raghavendra knows about cancer is it may never get better. He talks to other patients in the cancer ward. Most patients seem to not get better. Roopa seems to extremely worried about her daughter and the excessive stress has started taking a toll on her body, she constantly complains of weakness and looks tired all the time.

Why should you contribute?
Raghavendra is an auto driver of a rented auto. Out of great difficulty he manages to make 9,000 rupees per month. Of which 3000 goes into the auto rent which costs him 100 Rs Per day and another 3000 for house rent. The family survives on 3000 rupees with which they also manage the medical expenses for Manvitha.

Manvitha's uncle helps the family with food and travel during their visits to Bangalore however, he also has a family to feed.  

The family has already spent 6 lakhs on the treatment by arranging funds from friends and relatives. The current need is 20 Lakh rupees and the need is urgent. The moment funds are arranged the kid will undergo the transplant.

Let us support the family save their only child.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the champion or the medical team.