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This Auto-driver Sold His Auto To Save His Son From Brain Fever And It Is Still Not Enough

“I keep staring at him for hours wondering if he will ever come back to us, come back home, alive.”
Manoj is a first-generation graduate. Born to an auto driver, this 18-year-old dreams of giving his parents a peaceful retirement. About 10 days ago, Manoj had a fever which turned out to be meningitis. His condition deteriorated until he ended up in a coma. Although he awoke from the state, Manoj is still battling the disease and needs your help to recover.

We thought it was just a fever, it turned out to be brain fever 

Manoj’s parents, Venkatesh and Manjula are from a low-income household. Venkatesh drives and auto all day long to make Rs. 1000, while Manjula cares for the household. They just gave their daughter’s hand in marriage, and are proud of their son who graduated with a diploma. Manoj is currently training at Wipro.

“He had a fever that lasted 3 days. His tests came back normal, but the headache was severe and persistent. We went to the ophthalmologist. Even, there all tests were normal. Because he kept complaining, we decided to go back for a checkup. That day, he lay down for an examination and began having seizures. The doctor asked us to admit him immediately suspecting brain fever.”

Suddenly he had seizures and went into a coma

Chinmaya did not have a vacant bed in the ICU and when Manoj’s seizures got worse, they moved him to Manipal. By the time he got there, he was in a coma. It lasted 4 days. Venkatesh prayed for his son to come home alive. His condition kept getting worse.

“Thankfully, at the end of 4 days, he opened his eyes. The treatment began to work, but his recovery has been slow. He is not speaking coherently. Our doctor says that since it is an infection in the brain, it will take him time to get back to normal.

We sold our only source of income, now we are helpless

For now, Manoj needs a few more days in the hospital to manage and treat his condition. Venkatesh had to sell his auto to pay the bills. Even after paying Rs. 2.5 Lakhs, he has a huge outstanding amount. The remaining cost of treatment is estimated to be Rs. 10 Lakhs. Without any income and nobody else to go to for help, Venkatesh requests you to save his son.

“I cannot recognize him. His voice is hoarse. He talks with so much anger. The disease has taken my son hostage. We need to help him beat it. Please, help us bring him back to us.”
Your contribution will help 18-year-old Manoj get back to his dreams.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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