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Daily-wage Worker Who Cannot Even Pay For A Meal Hasn't Told His Wife That She Has Cancer

“We have been married for 7 years. I fought with my family for her. She is the one who tells all of us what to do. My daughters Akshita and Akansha (aged 5 and 4) just started school. Our lives are empty without her. The doctor says she is doing well – no matter what, I can't stop treatment now. If I do, cancer will take her” – Prakash.
A daily-wage worker, Prakash, has been shuttling between work, home and hospital every day, in an effort to keep his wife alive. Jyothi was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. Before they knew it, she was holding onto life by a thread. Prakash has not been able to tell his wife the truth about her condition, afraid that the very shock will kill her.

Jyothi's children have been told that their mother has fever 

Jyothi lost her sight and hearing due to blood cancer

Though she has a good chance recovery, Jyothi is fighting a painful battle against cancer. It started with a high fever in January. In a matter of days, she got worse and started vomiting. She even lost her sight and hearing. Her children were both scared of even going near her because their mother was so sick.

I bring our children here once in 10 days. At first they used to cry begging to stay back. But now, I think they know that their mother needs to see them smile.” –Prakash

He needs to work every day to even buy a meal for his family

Prakash is a daily-wage worker who fits doors and windows in homes under constructions. Since Jyothi's diagnosis, he tries to work as much as possible while being there for his wife. Life has become very difficult for Prakash. But hardships are not new to him – he didn't go to school because he had to start earning so he could eat. Till today, Prakash is in the same state. If he does not go to work, his family goes hungry.

“At first, I was very scared. She was very sick. I took loans to admit her for chemo. She is slowly recovering. Cancer hasn't reached her bone-marrow. She can see and hear again. She made us all go a temple to dedicate our hair to God. I have to do whatever I need to do for her peace right now. For her and for my little girls.”  – Prakash.

There is no other place Prakash can go for help

Prakash applied for government aid – and received it, but those funds are gone. He has borrowed close to Rs 1 lakh for treatment – which is also gone. He tries to find work, but jobs are fewer in the summer. He has no way left to fund Jyoti's treatment – but he is not ready to give up.

How you can help

Prakash earns Rs 400 for a day's work. Often, either there is no work or he needs to be in the hospital to care for Jyothi. She has a good chance at recovery, but lack of money is stalling the treatment. If there is any more delay, her condition will get beyond worse.

Your contribution can save Jyothi and give his family much-needed hope.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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