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Mumbai Cobbler Who Met With A Road Accident Is Now Struggling To Afford Treatment For Severe Brain Injury

My husband has never come home late. That day, we got anxious. He did not turn up even after midnight. Until 1:30 AM, he did not answer his phone. I kept trying, and then finally when the ringing stopped, a policeman answered.

Govind and I live with our two children Varsha and Yash in Navi Mumbai. From the shoe store, we make about Rs. 4000, and although it is a financial struggle, we are alright as long as we are together. This week, Govind did not come home one night after closing. After hours of trying his phone, I discovered that he had met with an accident on the highway. Now, he is in a coma from a brain injury and if we cannot pay for his treatment, we will lose him.

When the police spoke to us, I did not even know if he was alive

At night, you can hardly see properly on that highway. Govind goes to work on a two-wheeler. He closed the store at around 10 PM. He called me to say he was on his way home. Apparently, he saw that there was an Eco on the highway. He just was not sure whether it was standing or moving. You cannot be slow on the highway. He was riding at a speed of around 60-70kmph. As he got closer to the Eco, he realized it was standing right in the middle, and although he tried to swerve, he crashed and fell.

We kept trying his phone until 1:30AM. A policeman answered and said we better come right away to the hospital. All of us rushed with our hearts pounding. I did not even know if he was alive. My children were in tears. I called his brother. When we arrived, the doctor told us to take him somewhere else, and that it was highly unlikely for him to survive.

Govind cannot lose the chance to recover just because we cannot afford the treatment

The nearest hospital was Apollo. Rajendra, Govind’s brother, went to the market to raise funds from Govind's friends for the deposit and admitted him to Apollo. Currently, Govind is in the ICU, on the ventilator, in a coma. Although the doctors are pursuing aggressive treatment, he needs more time to recover. We have run out of funds and now our outstanding bill has crossed Rs. 5 Lakhs.

If we cannot come up with money to pay our bill, we may not be able to continue the treatment. He is my husband. He is a father to our children. He is just 32! He has a long life ahead of him. We just need a chance for him to fight through and make it. Govind is lying on that bed unable to even breathe for himself. He has been there for us through everything. We want to be there for him and not let him down now.

How can you help

That chappal shop itself is running on rent. If we make Rs. 8000, we pay Rs. 4000 rent to the owner. Imagine how much we end up saving with our children going to school. Regardless of how many people help us right now, they are all from a similar economic background. They can give us Rs. 100, Rs. 500 at the max, and we can never raise lakhs. Please help us save my husband.

We never thought this day would come. Now, we are pleading the world for help. Please save my husband!

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.