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Father Who Can Hardly Afford A Meal Is Struggling To Save His 1-year-old From Liver Failure

Garv was sick from birth. The doctor did not tell us. We went back for a checkup about 15 days after he was born because he had turned completely yellow. Even then, they said everything was alright, and we were being silly. Garv kept getting worse. Finally, they said he has jaundice. Now, my 1-year-old son is dying of liver failure and only a liver transplant can save him.

Is it the liver condition or poverty killing my son?

I do not know whether I did not understand or whether they neglected my son because we were poor and could not afford to pay expensive bills. All I know is that we saw our son suffering through months, and felt helpless. We kept going back to the hospital in Chandigarh, and they just ignored us.

Once, Garv needed to be admitted to the ER. He needed emergency care. That’s when they said his liver was failing. They said there was not much we could do because he needed a liver transplant and we could not afford the surgery.

Now Garv’s condition is getting worse and every minute is crucial in saving him

My name is Shashi. My wife, Ninu, and I have two children. Garv was born 10 years after my first son. We were happy and never imagined his life would be at risk. He did not even look jaundiced. After the diagnosis, it did not take much time for things to get worse. He turned so yellow. His stomach bloated up, and he vomited anything he ate.

Now Garv does not sleep at night. He cries all the time, so much that he runs out of breath and we get worried that he will fall unconscious. He drinks and eats, but immediately it comes out either as vomit or as a bowel movement. He has an uncontrollable bladder, and he is in constant pain.

A cobbler can only mend shoes, not save lives

A part of our family stays in Delhi. When my mother-in-law died, we went to pay our respects. It is when the whole family discovered the truth about Garv. They made calls and took us to Apollo Delhi. For the first time, the doctor gave us hope. She said we can get financial assistance from crowdfunding, and also a subsidized rate on the surgery. It is estimated at Rs. 7.5 Lakhs. Garv’s health is more important now. We cannot delay any longer and must go for the transplant as soon as possible.

I am a cobbler. I make shoes. I get hardly Rs. 150 for a pair. Sometimes we eat a meal a day, sometimes we starve. As a family, we have been happy. We never thought this would happen. Now it has. I just want to save my son. He should not suffer like this every day.
We need your help to save Garv.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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