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Help Me Save My Unborn Baby From A Painful Fate Even Before Birth

I'm Ezhilarasi, 36-years-old, and I was thrilled to discover that I was pregnant for the second time. My husband Ilayaraja and my 3-year-old daughter Poovisha were both excited about the arrival of a newborn baby. We were full of plans for the future of our unborn baby.

But my fifth-month pregnancy scan changed all that. There was a life-threatening risk to my unborn baby. The doctors told me that there was a mismatch in our blood groups. I needed immediate injections to save my baby from bleeding in the brain. Bleeding inside the brain. I almost collapsed when I heard this. It is just too horrible to imagine.

I don't know if my baby is a girl or boy. But she or he has just started growing in my womb and is already fighting for life! The thought constantly hurts. I have never thought of myself as a strong person. But I am a mother, and if there is a chance to save my baby, I will do anything. I believe that every life has a purpose.

This pregnancy is difficult and draining. The doctor says that I have to take an injection every week and has given me strict instructions to follow. I don't daydream about the baby now because I am too devastated. But no matter, how cruel the complications are, I choose to fight for my baby.

I know I cannot afford this treatment. I know I that I am taking a big risk. I also know I have to let nature take its course but in my heart, I feel like I can fight the battle. To simply prepare for stillbirth would be to accept the worst. If a mother doesn't fight for a child till the end, who will?

My husband is an electrician who works for a very small income. He is heartbroken, he is worried that he might lose me or the baby. He has no one to turn to for help or guidance. But without even a second thought he told me not to worry – he would take care of everything.

It is true that baby is unborn but I can feel my baby move and grow inside me. I don't want to let her/him go through bleeding even before being born. If I take this treatment without any interruption or delay, my baby can be saved.

This is the most crucial time for my baby and for me. I don't want to miss this chance. I want my baby to come healthy into this world. That is the biggest gift I can give to my unborn baby right now. All I need are timely medicines.

I need to take one injection every week. The treatment costs are about Rs 5 lakhs. With our income, we barely manage to keep a roof over our heads and eat three meals a day. But our poverty cannot be the reason we let go of my baby.

I have very less time left and I'm fighting a very difficult battle. Your contribution will save my baby.

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