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This 12-year-old Boy Battling MultiOrgan Failure Is Afraid That He Will Never Go Home Again

“Every other person around us is talking about dengue. We never knew how bad it could be until it affected my son. Dakshit is in pain. He keeps asking me if he will ever come home. I have promised him that everything will be fine. I want to keep my promise.”

Few days ago, 12-year-old Dakshit was rushed to the hospital. He had a fever. It was no normal infection but dengue that now has him fighting to stay alive in the ICU with organ failure. His family is at a loss for help, and needs all the support they can get to save his life.

We hardly had the time to react before our son lay there in the ICU

On October 1st, Dakshit complained that he was feeling sick. He went to bed early and woke up the next day with a fever. When his parents took him to the local doctor, they discovered that his platelet count was very low. Immediately he was admitted to the hospital for blood transfusion.

“At the hospital, Dakshit was diagnosed with dengue. In just a little while, his condition became critical. The doctor moved him into the ICU because his liver and kidneys began to fail. Right now, Dakshit is on ventilator.”

Fever to multiorgan failure, it is all hands on deck to save Dakshit

For the past 3 days, Dakshit’s condition has been getting worse. He has been complaining of severe pain in his stomach, back and legs. He cries to his father for help. He is extremely weak, and if the condition progresses, he might lose the fight.

“He is hardly conscious. Every time the last thing he asks me is ‘Nana, will I ever come home?’ My heart stops. I promise him he will. I just want to make sure I keep it.”

Aggressive treatment can save Dakshit 

Ravindar Reddy and Manjula are doing all they can to save their little boy. With his Rs. 6000 income this father has managed to save up to Rs. 1 lakh and with loans, he has paid bills amounting to Rs. 4 lakhs. The treatment expenses will exceed Rs. 13 lakhs and Ravindar has hit a dead end trying to source funds.

Your contribution can save 12-year-old Dakshit’s life.
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Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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