This Teenager Lost Her Ability To Walk Due To A Serious Kidney Disease. Help Her Walk Again! | Milaap
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This Teenager Lost Her Ability To Walk Due To A Serious Kidney Disease. Help Her Walk Again!

17-year-old Saleena cannot walk. She is a chronic kidney patient who is struggling to live. Her family is worried as she grows sicker by the day. If they have the money for a kidney transplant, she can be saved but this poor family has exhausted everything they had over the 7 years of her treatment.

Thomas and Lizzy have been married for over 23 years. They have a 21-year-old son and 17-year-old Saleena. The family lives in a small rented house in Bangalore. Thomas is an auto driver.

The family didn't realise the recurrent fever was the start to something terrible

She came back from school one day and said she had a fever. She began complaining of feeling dull and tired. Lizzy thought that it was a side effect of the hot sun. Saleena used to take a Dolo 650 tablet and sleep, and would often seem better. It never occurred to Lizzy that her daughter’s fever could be caused by anything else.

This happened for over a month. Saleena kept having a constant fever at a very high temperature. Thomas and Lizzy took their daughter to the local hospital, but doctors could not diagnose anything wrong with Saleena. It was only when they took her to a bigger hospital, that a doctor considered running a check on Saleena’s kidneys.

For 7 long years, she was under dialysis and was affected by dengue recently 

At merely 10 years old, Saleena needed a kidney transplant. She has been undergoing dialysis for the past seven years. Thomas and Lizzy are desperate to save their only daughter. Saleena was scheduled to undergo an operation two months ago- but she developed dengue fever at the last minute. Though everything was ready and set up for the operation, doctors advised that she had to recover from dengue to have the surgery.

“She asks me why she is affected like this. She sees all her friends happy and normal, and cries to me. What do I tell my child?”- Lizzy

For the last two years, Saleena has been unable to walk

Saleena attended school till 8th standard. When starting 9th standard, she was unable to walk up the stairs to her class. Slowly over time, her movements became restricted and now she is unable to walk.

“She cries to God everyday asking why He took away her ability to walk. She is already suffering with the dialysis, and now she can’t even walk!” – Lizzy

How you can help

Saleena needs an urgent kidney transplant to survive. Thomas is an auto driver and earns less than Rs 1000 a day. Most of this is utilized towards Saleena’s medical treatment. She undergoes dialysis twice or thrice a week, and each costs Rs 1500.

The cost of operation is estimated to be nearly Rs 7 lakhs, and there is no way that Thomas and Lizzy can afford this. They are desperate to save their daughter.

Supporting Documents:
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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