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Disabled Mother Struggles To Save Extremely Premature Son Who Cannot Even Breathe On His Own

“My right leg had become completely motionless after a car accident two years ago. It is only a few months back that I began walking a little without any support, but even now my leg hurts so badly when I walk for more than 10 minutes. I had not expected to be a mother in this lifetime; but God gifted a son to me. However, he’s struggling to survive and I have nothing to save him,”-Sugna, mother

Sugna’s baby boy was born on February 13 at only 6 months of pregnancy after she experienced early labor pains. All along the way to the hospital, she was crying and pleading with her husband 
Omaram and father-in-law to save her unborn baby, screaming in pain: ‘Let anything happen to me, but please make sure that my baby is okay!’ Her prayers were answered when her baby boy was born alive. However he is facing many birth-related problems to spend many days in the hospital before she can take him home.

‘I haven’t even seen his face properly, all I can do is look at him and cry’

“In our village, the midwife gives the baby in the mother’s arms right after she gives birth. I was expecting the same here – it did not cross my mind that my baby is too little for me to hold him. He was put in a glass container, with tubes running through his nose and mouth, right after birth. I don’t know what he looks like. When I see his little chest pounding, tears  fill my eyes,”-Sugna

Sugna’s baby boy has underdeveloped vital organs and has not started breathing on his own yet. He is also severely underweight (weighing just over 950 gms at birth). As Sugna couldn’t produce enough breastmilk due to her health issues, he is being fed formula milk through tubes. This mother never leaves her baby’s side even for a second, as she fears she will lose him. She asks the doctors every day for updates, and even though she doesn’t understand the medical terms as she has not studied beyond 8th grade, it gives her a sense of relief when the doctors say that there is hope, but she also knows that her family’s financial situation will let her and her baby down.

This potter needs your help to make sure that his baby survives

Omaram works as a potter in their small village in Rajasthan, earning Rs 200 per day when work is available. But as the pottery industry is in a decline in his region, he is not able to find work every day. For daily household expenses itself, which includes taking care of his elderly father, he is forced to borrow from villagers. He had to borrow Rs 50,000 for Sugna’s delivery too. Now, nobody is willing to loan him anymore money as they know that he has bills piling up at the hospital and he wouldn’t be able to pay them back soon.

“Looking at my wife’s sad, worried face, I forget all self-respect and go beg for money. But I am not able to get enough. How will I save my son on the few coins that I get from people? – Omaram
With your kind contribution, these parents can make sure that their baby survives and take back home a healthy child

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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