This Young Couple Started Fighting To Save Their Baby Even Before He Was Born, Now They May Lose Him | Milaap
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This Young Couple Started Fighting To Save Their Baby Even Before He Was Born, Now They May Lose Him

"Even before my baby was born we were told that he might be sick. They told us he might get jaundice because the mother and the baby have different blood types. Red blood cells were injected into him while he was still in the womb to cure his anemia. We did everything possible to help him stay healthy but all our efforts have gone in vain. He is fighting for his life since he was born and now all we can do is to stand next to him and cry helplessly." - Mohan

This little warrior is fighting hard to stay alive

Ramadevi and Mohan were looking forward to having a new addition into the family. They could hardly contain their excitement. They live near Visakhapatnam where they do not have access to a proper childcare centre.  Soon after their 7th month scan, they came to Chennai for further treatment. Ramadevi had to undergo Intrauterine transfusion procedure (red blood cells from a donor are injected into the fetus) During her second cycle, she started to bleed heavily and she had to undergo a c section immediately.

"I was very hopeful that our baby will be born healthy, I did everything that the doctors instructed. When I got early labor pains, they said I had to deliver the baby immediately. Nurses took our baby to the NICU as soon as he was born. He was struggling to breathe and needed ventilator support. He weighed 1.9 kg. He also had jaundice. I did not even get a chance to hold him in my arms." - Ramadevi

Ramadevi and Mohan's baby is now out of the ventilator support. He has had 3 blood transfusions so far, and he's getting healthier with each day. However, his fight isn't over. While his parents feel hopeful with every small progress he makes, he still needs continued treatment in the NICU  for at least 5 weeks to recover completely.

With no one to help in the new city, couple struggles to save their baby

Mohan has a small internet shop and earns around Rs 15,000 per month. Ramadevi resigned from her job in a call centre  after she became pregnant, she was earning Rs 10,000 per month. Mohan is now staying in the hospital taking care of the baby. He does not understand the language spoken here and with no one to help, he is struggling. They have spent around 2 lakh by selling their jewels and borrowing from friends. Now they need 8 lakhs more to continue the treatment. Without your help, they'll lose their baby.

This young couple did everything possible to save their newborn, now they are desperately waiting for your help. With your small contribution, they can take their baby home

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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