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With your support this Arsenal fan can be saved from brain cancer

A caring son, a loving brother, a helpful friend Avik has touched many lives in his 28 years of existence. He is a lovely soul who has been loved by everyone in his circle. He is a guy who has enjoyed his life to the fullest and had no complains.

However fate had different plans for him, at the age when people are planning their marriage, making the best of their career, Avik has been laying on bed fighting for his life against a rare form of brain cancer. since last 9 months, Avik has gone 33 rounds of radiotherapy, 43 cycles of chemotherapy and has been flown over 3 cities and treated at 4 different hospitals.He is currently in ICU since December 2016 and battling complications due to the malign tumor. The medical bills for his treatment have already crossed 17 lakhs and are piling up every day, his treatment still requires another 10-12 lakhs at least. The family requires your support to continue his treatment. Please contribute in saving Avik's life

A talented football player fails to balance himself

Avik is an avid football lover and was a great football athlete, he has won many football matches for his school, college and office. However in October of 2015 when he was out on a vacation he had a severe panic attack, which he described as a near-death experience, also during the vacation, he experienced that he was unable to balance his right part of the body and on many occasions he was about fall. Over the next couple weeks, his right body started showing signs of numbness and in the next couple of months, he started experiencing stuttering in his speech.
The initial diagnosis was wrong and was unable to diagnose the problem which prolonged the exposure to the tumor for another six months. In May of 2016, Avik suddenly complained of a severe headache was then rushed to Columbia Asia hospital in Bangalore where after series of tests he was diagnosed with tumor in the brain and required immediate surgery. Surgery was successful however the tumor had severely damaged the parts of his brain and made him lose his cognitive and speech skills.
The coming months were tough for him, however, Avik never gave up on life and after a series of physiotherapy and speech therapy sessions, he was back on his feet smiling as always.

After his surgery he had returned to his hometown Jameshdpur for his recovery and use to frequently visit Mumbai for his chekups, he had been responding really well to the treatment and was getting healthier day by day.

The malign tumor returned 

On the fateful day of 28th December, 2016 Avik complained of a severe headache and started getting seizures, it was identified that tumor was malign and had resurfaced and spread across his spine.The doctors suggested he would require another surgery and would require months of intensive care. Since December the Avik has been under close observation and has been battling for his life.

The Man of Many talents

Avik is an extremely talented boy, apart from being a football fan, he is a writer, singer and was even planning to shoot a short movie. He is a big fan of detective movies and books and admires Felu Da.

Along with that, he is humble and a kind human being who was always available to help his friends in need.

During his 12th board exams he helped one of his friends with the studies and made him pass the exams - Avik's father recalls.

He had also made some interesting travel plans to go around the world in next few years. I hope he is able to fulfill his dream in the near future - Says Tania. Avik's Sister

Why Should you Contribute?

Avik has been positive and hopeful of a recovery, he has been battling cancer for more than a year and has won most of his battles. A financial support would help in boosting his confidence and push him to fight harder. As a young, educated, aspirational boy he definitely needs to live a long and happy life.

Avik, was also the only earning member in the family and is the only hope for his retired parents. His recovery would greatly support the family in every way.
Avik's, organization Northern Trust has been really kind to help him with his treatment. The employees have so far donated 13 lakhs for his treatment, however, there is still a requirement as 12 lakhs since he would be staying in ICU for another month. The monthly costs for medicines comes to 1 lakhs rupees which are being imported from other countries.

An interim bill for the month of January from Kokilaben has been attached for the reference.

Let us help come forward for supporting Avik and saving his life.

Supporting DocumentThe specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the champion or the medical team.

Please contribute to saving Avik's Life