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17-Year-Old Brain Tumor Survivour Needs Help For A Hormone Replacement Therapy To Hit Puberty

We had somehow arranged for Archana’s surgery to save her from a brain tumor. Little did we know that the side effects of those treatments could hinder her growth leading to delay in puberty. 

Archana's life was never easy.  Brain tumour took away her teenage years and now she cannot enter into womanhood due to complications of her treatment.

A brain tumour brought her life to a standstill

In 2012 Archana was down with fever and headache, her parents took her to a local hospital. Initially, it was thought to be viral fever but her symptoms persisted. She even started vomiting at times. Her parents thought it might be some serious health issue and took her to another hospital. An MRI report showed that she had a brain tumor. It was a sudden shock to the family. 

Being born in a small village near Hosur, Archana’s parents had no idea what had to be done. Taking the suggestions of relatives they brought her to the city. The doctor asked them to start the treatment without any further delay.

Seeing her eagerness to study, her school has agreed to not take fees

After all chemotherapy sessions, radiotherapy sessions, and a very critical surgery, Archana was out of danger. She went back home to normal life. She is a brilliant student with a very strong determination to fulfill the dreams of her parents. The financial condition of her family has deteriorated very drastically because of her medical expenses. Now they cannot afford her education but that did not stop her from studying. Even her school has agreed to not take fees from her so that she can continue her studies.

She is free from the brain tumor but side effects of her treatment is ruining her future. 

Archana is a 17-year-old girl, but she has still not reached puberty. Radiotherapy has caused delayed puberty. However, the medical investigation showed she could be cured with a regular hormone replacement therapy for a year.

Archana’s father works as an agricultural labourer with no fixed income. They had to sell land and gold to arrange for Rs.7 lakhs needed for her surgery. Now they need another 4 lakhs to start the treatment of hormone replacement.

"We have exhausted all our resources to save our daughter. We thought what is the use of  the money we spent if we cannot save her. All our efforts will be in vain if we cannot give her a healthy life"

How You Can Help

Archana has survived brain tumor. Now just when she thought she can lead a normal life, she faces a terrible fate. She has a whole life ahead to lead as a confident woman, as a wife, a mother. If we can help her enter into the beautiful phase of a woman's life, it will be the most generous act to save a young girl's future. 

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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