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11-year-Old With Cancer Is Dying After Parents Run Out Of Funds

11-year-old Aniket suffers from Myelodysplastic syndromes- a group of cancers in which immature blood cells in the bone marrow do not mature or become healthy blood cells.His family hails from West Bengal. Arjun used to work in a company earlier but it shut down and he is currently out of a job. Sujitha is a homemaker and Aniket is the couple's only son. It was in 2014,Aniket who was in class 4 was diagnosed with this condition. He stopped going to school and it is now 2 years, since he went to school.

Medications For 2 Years Didn't Help

Aniket has been undergoing treatment for his condition since 2014, when he was in Class 4. He stopped going to school when treatment started and hasn't gone for the past two years. The doctor had initially put him on just one medication, which cost Rs. 22,000 a month. But medicines didn't help, so he now needs a bone marrow transplant. Arjun is a half match to be a donor.
The cost of this transplant is  25 lakhs which has put the family in a difficult situation. Aniket has been taken into the bone marrow ward since his condition required immediate help. His parents have no clue how to continue his treatment. Without treatment, he will not survive for more than few days. 

His Parents Paid A Hefty Rent Amidst This Struggle To Ensure Aniket Is Without Infection

The family resides in a rented room on Greams Road, Chennai. They pay a monthly rent of Rs. 15,000 for their accommodation. Apart from Aniket's medical expenses, the family is struggling for food as well. They haven't gone home in a couple of months, for fear of Aniket catching an infection. Now that he is moved to the bone marrow ward, the family has to pay for both the hospitalisation and the rented accommodation. "We are ready to sleep on the roads. We have to find a clean place for Aniket after the transplant,  But now that we don't have any money, there is no point."

Our Support Will Save Aniket

This family is now struggling to pay for food and water in a new state. They are helpless and it's impossible for them to arrange for the total amount especially with Arjun without any job. Our support will help Aniket undergo a bone marrow transplant and save his life.
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