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This 10-Year-Old Doesn’t Know She’s Battling Stage Three Cancer And Her Family Is Desperately Trying To Save Her

When everyone else was celebrating Diwali, 10-year-old Akshaya was being rushed to the hospital. Her right leg had swollen up and Akshaya could barely move without pain shooting through her entire body. Her parents were worried sick as they waited for her test results to come back. The diagnosis turned out to be the unthinkable – bone cancer. Akshaya has taken 3 cycles of chemotherapy so far. Her father, Srinivas, is struggling to continue her treatment, but Akshaya needs a lot more treatment to survive. It’s her only chance.

“She kept saying her led hurt too much to do homework, but we thought it was an excuse”

Two years ago, Akshaya fell when she was playing in school. Ever since then, she has had pain in her right leg. However, it was only in October last year that her pain became unbearable.

“We didn’t realize that she was actually in so much pain. She suddenly became very weak from April. She used to tell us that her leg hurt too much to do her homework, and we thought she was just making excuses. When your child complains of a leg pain, the first thought is never that she has a life-threatening disease. We thought it would go away in time, but my daughter only got worse. I feel so bad for letting it get so far. If only I had known earlier.”

Akshaya before cancer took over her life

Srinivas took Akshaya from their village in Kattangur, Telangana to Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh for a checkup after he noticed that her right leg wasn't straight when she walked. Only then did he realise that this could be more than just mere leg pain. Srinivas’s worst fears were realized when the doctors told him that his daughter has advanced-stage cancer.

Akshaya with her parents

“Akshaya doesn’t know she has cancer. She just keeps asking us when she will be fine again”

Akshaya thinks she has an infection. She is only 10-years-old and doesn’t understand the implications of her disease. All she knows is that her pain is never-ending. Every day she asks her parents why this is happening to her and when the pain will go away. Akshaya just wants to go back to the life she knew.

Even though Akshaya has stage three bone cancer, she can be saved with chemotherapy and radiation. However, with her family’s financial condition, she might not get the treatment she needs to live.

“I’ve spent everything I have and now I don’t know if I can even afford the next cycle of chemotherapy”

Srinivas works as a priest in a temple in their village. He has spent nearly 1.75 lakhs on her treatment so far and can’t afford to go on any longer. His wife is distraught and his son asks about Akshaya every day. Srinivas is trying his best to stay strong for his family and arrange for the funds to save his daughter, but he finds himself failing to do so.

I can’t even afford the next cycle of her chemotherapy. Akshaya is improving with treatment, but I have no other way to continue it. The thought of being forced to stop treatment scares me so much. As a father, I should be protecting her from all this.”

How You Can Help

Akshaya can beat bone cancer with chemotherapy and radiation. It’s the only way she can be saved now. However, Srinivas doesn’t know how long he can continue her treatment. He needs Rs 3 lakhs more to continue chemotherapy and save his child. The family’s dire lack of funds is the only thing standing in the way of her recovery.

Your support can save Akshaya’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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