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7-Year-Old With Liver Disease Has Only One Chance Left To Survive, Needs Urgent Help

“Every day my little son wakes up in the fear of death. The moment I take him in my arms he cries and says he doesn’t want to die. I weep out of helplessness. His deep yellow eyes and swollen stomach tell me that his disease can kill him at any moment. Only  an urgent liver transplant can help him survive. This is his only chance but we have nothing left to afford it.” - Suvarna.

7-year-old Akliesh’s liver has stopped functioning properly. His condition is very critical and needs to undergo liver transplant urgently to survive.

‘We didn't know that our son was suffering from the day he was born’

“From day one he started crying uncontrollably, we thought he was hungry in the beginning. But when he didn't stop, we took him to the local hospital. A few doctors treated him for stomach infection and others gave medicines for gastric problem. After one and a half years, we took him to a big hospital in Chennai, where we were told that he is suffering from liver disease. Ever since that day we’ve been visiting Chennai from Guntur every month, but no medication and treatment helped him,”

'At an early age, my son's stomach started swelling'

As the years passed by, Akliesh’s condition also got worse. When he turned 6, he puked blood. His parents rushed him to the hospital and they were told only liver transplant can help him. But the poor parents were struggling hard to save money. And when he turned 7, he vomited blood again and the doctors declared that it’s his last chance for survival as his liver is giving up on him sooner than expected.

Akliesh has only one wish in life - to go to school

“My son attended pre-school when he was five. He never complained like other children. He would happily take his bag and walk along with my husband and me. That was a year of bliss for our family. But when jaundice attacked him, he became weak and he couldn’t study any further. He still remembers his school and asks me when he will be fine so that he can go back to school,”

‘My wife is ready to donate her liver and save our son but this is possible only with your help’

Krishnarao being the sole breadwinner of the family is struggling alone to save his son. He works in a cotton factory and earns only Rs 15,000 a month. He spent all his earning to feed his family and on the medical expenses of his son. Savings during these hard times were impossible for Krishna. He borrowed 8 lakhs from his friends and spent it on his son’s tests, treatment and medicines. Now he has exhausted all his money and needs 26 lakhs for his son’s life-saving transplant.

Suvarna is ready to donate a part of her liver to save our only son. But money is the biggest constraint that is holding us back. We are in the hospital desperately waiting for help. He will die if we fail to save him now, this is his only chance of survival, I beg you to help us,” - Krishnarao.

Akliesh is on the verge of death and needs your help to survive. Your kind contribution can save his life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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